Inconsistencies that affect immersion

These aren’t problems specific to this game but for a game as nice to look at as this one - one that encourages a level of immersion, I instantly get pulled out when the following inconsistencies occur:

  • I can take from a chest in the wild, but I can’t put anything in it.

  • When I’m at home, if my inventory is too full, I can put an item in a chest. Out in the wild, I can’t just drop an item, I have to destroy it to get another item.

  • I can run forever, unless an enemy is near then I’m stamina bound.

  • Stamina doesn’t matter for running if no enemies are around, but rolling and attacking always do.

  • I can be shoved, kicked, or grabbed by a mob. I can roll and blast through barrels and boxes. But if I’m trapped between the environment (wall) and a mob, no amount of rolling will let me past them.

  • I can sort my inventory but not what’s in my chests.

  • I can remove a magical rune from a weapon but not a gemstone.

  • If I remove a rune, it destroys the weapon AND the gemstone (uh, diamond destroyed? What kind of black magic?)

  • I’m forced to use different gemstones on an item because reasons.

  • Upgrading a level 3 piece of armor takes 10 silver ingots for the first upgrade. The next upgrade only takes 3.

  • All of the trees in the game are beautiful. Some are clearly there just to be looked at. Others look like they should be interactive but aren’t. It’s like having a pile of ore that you can’t hit with your pickaxe.

Anyway, just a short list of things - some are very small, some are annoying. I expect the game to get even better and hope some of the bugs get sorted out (audio and visual stuttering hiccups in the same areas on a VERY fast machine).


Almost all your immersion breaking complaints are features in the game. Stamina not draining while running is one, im currently playing steelrising, another souls game, and it drains running, its a pain in the ass, but since there are a lot of enemies in that game it makes some sense, theres not a lot of exploration like here.
The gems and runes are like that on purpose too, to give weight to the choice, same with rune extracting.
You are not forced to use anything btw, you can enchant or enhance with gems, some armor pieces are better with gems, like the helmet, at least imho.
The whole tree farming thing would not be feasible if you could cut the whole forest down btw, you are advocating the whole whole map be destructible, i dont think that can be done, this is a light game on the survival side, not like Outward where you die of thirst or Enshrouded where you can break and farm everything on sight.

The silver ore to upgrade i agree, i think thats the way it is just because they havent implemented more materials yet, i hope at least.
I agree with the chest management being lacking, give them time though, i think that will be improved, as for the itens in the wild, so to speak, everytime i cannot drop one i feel the pain hehehe, i wish i could so i could come back later to get it instead of having to destroy it to give room to a better one.

I’m not. There are trees that are 5 times thicker than the ones that you cut down. There are trees that look dead. There are trees that you can’t reach the base of. I’m not advocating cutting ANY of those down - it’s clear they are part of the art of the game. When you build a world with a mechanic, it should be as consistent as possible so that if I need wood, I don’t have to remember every tree, “oh, yeah, don’t try to chop that tree down because although it looks like all the other trees you can chop, it’s just part of the artistic vision.” I would have the same complaint if there were paths leading somewhere but there was an invisible wall preventing travel. But then I’d be told I’m advocating for the whole game to be open world.

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Which tree can be chopped down?

How about here? A little more obvious…

How about here? Which of these can be chopped down?

Answer: Top - only the tree on the left, near the bigger tree. Middle - only the tree on the left, between the two thicker ones. Bottom - none of these trees can be chopped. This is one location - the map is filled with them. I’ll take the EA argument, it’s just distracting. And when/if it’s fixed, I’ll already have the trees memorized so I’ll never try to cut them down.


After a little bit of experience with games in general, I personally am used to just dealing with such inconsistencies. Often there is a reasoning behind them, as they are part of intended gameplay features (easier travel; not forgetting items out in chests in the wild, as zones are reset regularly) or balance/gear hunt/player retention (gearing, gem options, destruction of items).

Doesn’t mean that it is ok, or should be expected. Tired of the “if you don’t like it, don’t use it” mentality. Wicked can do better, there are creative options. Thank you for bringing it up. :pray:

Basically agree 100% with all of your complaints.

P.S. Loved the tree puzzle!

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Yes but this is such a non-issue long-term vs the resource and time costs it would take to design different levels of cut logs for each unique looking tree AND design cut versions of their logs with physics and collisions for when they’ve been chopped.

After about 10 minutes into the game you should be able to tell that the choppable trees are the straighter and narrower ones generally, while the more unique or wider ones aren’t.

The amount of work they’ve done to have different levels of “cut-into” surfaces for all the trees we CAN cut, is already astounding. Not only that, why would you want to cut down every tree in the area? We already have plenty to cut down per location as-is.

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I can relate to OPs issue here tho. A few times now i have walked up to trees that look “choppable” just to remember then “oh wait…”

And i think this could be solved with fairly little effort. Why not just replace those tree models with very thin dead ones, or the thicker ones, so we can see it instantly? Why use the model of the choppable ones, when there are other models already in the game?


Now that you mention it I also have come across a bunch of those kinda trees. Ones that nearly look identical to the ones we are used to chopping.

Clearly remember a good handful (if not more) in the area outside of the Riven Twins cave. There are a couple “twig-like” trees (more like bushes) that we can also cut in first area of the Nameless Pass, which made me curious and I started looking for more like those.

Up to them how much they wanna expand the variation pool honestly. That said, I could live with what we have in terms of options as the detail we have on resource gathering looks satisfactory.

Maybe we’ll see more when the farming update drops?

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Great points, dude, if we go around we can enlist more to let the dev team evaluate :slightly_smiling_face:

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The game is not procedural, the map is hand made and the devs added the choppeable trees, you are saying they should be consistent but that would lead to a mess of trouble, im telling you this is not Enshrouded where you can mine or chop everything.
The first area has a lot of materials, i think i chopped every tree that is before Worrick and i got more than 60 pine logs, of the top of my head there are more than 40 trees to chop.

i think you got it wrong with the trees. (and the trees are just 1 out of a multitude of valid points)

at least i did not mean to have every thing choppable. i just suggested to make it better to see which tree can be chopped. Like use 1 model for choppable trees and use the other 2 or 3 models that are already in the game for the non choppable ones.

as i understood its about visibility. so you do not walk up to the same tree 3 times until u remember its not like the exact same tree right besides it.

right now we also have those weird health bars on farmable spots that sometimes show and sometimes don’t show.

i agree with OP here, this breaks the immersion of the game a bit. altho it is a thing that should be very low on the prio list compare to other things like chest QoL, runes re-slotting, removing gems etc.


Oh ok, if thats the point i indeed got it wrong, my bad, and it seens a good suggestion to make choppeable models unique.


I don’t believe it breaks immersion necessarily. Like, at all. Too impactful of a phrase.

6 ~ 7 out of OP’s 11 bulletin points are not immersion breakers really. And even for those that I’d classify as “somewhat”, we gotta understand the difference between immersion and QoL/gameplay mechanics/features.

Not being able to cut down some trees in a forest isn’t much of an immersion breaker. It is an immersion breaker if for instance, if you can burn most (if not all) trees, grass and foliage in a game but there are some clear outliers which won’t affected by anything.

Not being able to put stuff in our chests or sort said chests’ inventories would be an immersion breaker, if the game actually had that much depth for many other misc activities like it.

Take RDR2 or the Metro games for example, which are up there as far as immersive games go. They don’t have the above mechanics yet I’ve never heard someone bringing up lack of said mechanics has affected their immersion.

It’s all relative to what a game offers in immersion across the board. Let’s all not make this seem more a problem than it actually is. The health bars occasionally appearing on top of resources though? That should definitely be ironed out!

well i am aware, the OPs points are not all immersion breaking. most of your post seems like semantics to me.

yes, most points are more QoL than anything, but that does not make them less valid.

what i meant with immersion breaking with the trees is a.) the health bars that sometimes show up, and sometimes don’t show.
and b.) some trees looking exactly like the choppable ones, but when u walk up to them, u can’t interact.


It’s weird to have someone tell you what breaks immersion for you but, you do you - or me, I guess.

I thought I was fairly clear that not all of the items on my OP were huge issues. But when something stops making sense - even for a second, you’re transported from “in the game” to reality.

No game is perfect and there is always a level of suspension of belief because we aren’t in the Matrix (yet). Not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill - I didn’t post this to a Steam review or Reddit. This forum is appropriate and I stand by my critique. Not trying to punish the dev’s or be a PITA.

I get the same feeling when 90% of NPC’s are interactive but some are not. That didn’t make my list because in my opinion, one-line interactive NPC’s aren’t as valuable as a chunk of wood or being able to sort a chest full of loot.

Having the health bars appear on top of resources is a big deal though? In my world, it at least lets me know which one I can interact with so I don’t think it’s that bad. But, I do me.

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Yes, some trees look like you could chop them down but you cannot. Feature or bug? Leaning towards bug…

i think you need to realize that games are just that, games. Immersion is just a marketing term to try and hook people. like i said you need to realize that a game is just a game and not real life.

Thank you, Statix21. I began to actually think that I was a holy warrior. Thankfully you’ve cleared things up for me so I can remove all of these weapons cluttering up my living room.

I feel like I’m being trolled at this point for giving feedback on a site designated as a forum for game feedback. :rofl:


i am also not sure if that was serious or trolling lol. :rofl:

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