Some bugs and life quality things

  • Should be able to swap one item from your inventory to the item in chest. Or just put lots of your inventory items in chest, but when I loot, I cannot do it now.
  • comparison window between weapon I am looking at vs the one in my equipment
  • there was a chest sunk into the ground in mines right side by the wall on ground level
  • I cannot go through the hole in prison section of the quarry although it is without obstacles etc. I could do that 2 days before. Ok - after a reload there is an obstacle, but it was not the case in my first run there
  • Ice Breaker - Two handed great sword that needs 42 INTELLIGENCE AND 0 STREGHT? What a hell is that? Is it a staff or a barbarian weapon? How does that make sense? Also I feel that going full on in strengths gives you like 2-3 items to use, cuz all the others need quite a bit of dex or religion etc.
  • When crafting at a station - using items from your chest is a must. BUT only while you are in town. So when you are in adventure - plan accordingly.
  • while using the lift in quarry, there is a little jumping of the player model and screen.
  • lastly check the screenshot. There is a construction going, but I could get under the floors. Probably not supposed to get there