General feedback and suggestions I find that would help

There is no incentive for you to use heavy equipment, being heavy means you would rather block than dodge but the way the game is right now blocking means you still take damage and even worse, against big enemies you get pushed back.
I only found two shields in the game, perhaps there is more I haven’t found but maybe adding a new kind of shield, a super heavy tower shield that negates all damage would allow for a better experience with a heavy build.

[Inventory management]
Crafting materials that can only be used in town shouldn’t be limited in space.
You made great exploration maps but you punish me for exploring by not allowing me to carry everything I’ve found even though most of the things I’ve found are useless while in a run (out of town).
I see two solutions for this:
1-Create a new inventory tab for items only usable in town where this tab has no limits.
2-Change the stat “Equip load” to affect how much you can carry as well, that way I can choose between carrying extra gear or more crafting materials.

[Rebalance Bosses/Mini-bosses]
This ties in with my armor/equipment section, I found that the only way I could actually defeat the bosses was stripping naked and equipping one heavy weapon. Bait one attack, dash in, attack once, dodge away, repeat.
This happens because the bosses have string attacks.
I don’t know how to improve this without going back to my “tower shield” suggestion, but just letting you know, for now the only way to comfortably defeating the bosses is stripping naked (for lower equip load), getting a heavy weapon (for maximum damage in one single swing).

There is some chests that are harder to get to yet they have no special item inside, it seems like their loot is random.
It would be better for players that like exploring, like me, if there was a meaningful reward at the end of a particularly hard to get place.

I get that you want to be punishing by forcing the player to crafting food for regeneration but maybe you should give the player a reusable healing item that refills on respawn, maybe only 1 or 2 uses, just so players have some kind of healing while trying to learn enemies patterns.