Feedback (after 18h)

1 - Respec, please, I put 6 points into Dex for a weapon, and later switched to a STR weapon, then i realized my dex points were wasted and was no way to respec.

2 - have some ability to farm low tier items (such as clay) because once you go higher in levels and difficulty, the lower tier items become more scarce, they should probably be tied to higher difficulty areas, instead of overall around the map.

3 - More variety with plagued gear, having “less health, less stamina” and other really bad perks, makes them unusable, not a single time did i see Less movement speed, or less attack speed, or heavier weight…etc.

4 - Ability to choose Enchantment, if its rare or plagued (or even further customization with enchantment) because RNG feels cheap especially if the piece of gear you got is really cool, and ends up useless if the enchantment is bad.

5 - While crafting, let the items be used from our storage, not just our inventory, this is a good QOL feature that is needed.

6 - some enemies do way too much damage, such as lategame knights or the Bloated Worm enemies that explode into 4 worms, even at level 22 and good armor, they did alot of damage.

7 - It’s difficult to telegraph enemy attacks, and enemies attacking non-stop 3 times in a row with a long stick or sword, or even 6 times in a row, feels rather bland.

8 - As a heavy load player, I can stunlock any enemy or boss forever. I just shoulder bash him, charge up my attack, hit him, shoulder bash, recharge stamina, and repeat forever. This skill needs either a longer cooldown or some rework, because it’s really OP at the moment, and I don’t understand why lower Equip loads don’t have a similar (or different) ability thats equally good, because right now with that ability existing in the game, there is no reason to go below Heavy equip load.

9 - Let us exchange our Gems we socketed into weapons, including runes, give us more control over our weapon customization instead of just yeeting and deleting a weapon once we take out a rune from it, piling up runes and selling dupes feels like an overlook.

10 - Remove the durability mechanic, no one likes it. at the very least let us repair it at our own house using the anvil for free. speaking of which, let us buff up our weapons and armor using in-house items.

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