Respec Costs - Suggestion

So I hear you loud on clear that you want respec costs to be expensive, meaningful, and impactful.
With the current attribute requirements of high end gear, and no way to read skill gems to properly understand what they do, its very difficult for us new players to know what works and what doesnt.

Now as for respec costs, I suggest a stacking cost starting at 5 or 10 silver, and capping out at 1 gold. This allows players to properly test early on, especially if they make a mistake during campaign until they clear act 1, and those players that do clear act 1 and are in the endgame will be able to handle that cost. Capped 1 gold will also work for when act 2 opens up and im sure we’ll have a much higher income by then, at which you can raise the cap again if you want to.
I do feel that similar to the blacksmith before reaching sacrament gives free repairs, something similar to that for respecs should also be available.
I also believe a rare consumable on par with ichors should also be added that gives free respecs.

Respecs being expensive and impactful makes sense… When the game has launched or is near launch, but for us new players being the first ones to discover what works and what doesnt in EA, you have to cut us some slack to get the guides and videos out there for skill gems and other things for when the game properly launches.

I’m sure you guys have already thought of ways on how you want to handle respec costs, but if anything I said provides a different solution, or even a new idea gathered from what I said, but isnt based on what I said, then that works too.


If it’s a gold cost, I would pin it to something like “the cost of selling 10-20 items of your level”

So on lvl 1-10 it’s about 5 silver, lvl 11-20 it’s about 10 silver, …
That way, even if the max level is 99, selling gear of that level a few times let’s you respec