Respec Skills to try different builds

So after around 25 hrs of gaming I’ve accumulated several really cool weapons that I would love to try out however I’m speced heavily into Dex so unfortunately I can’t.
As loot is completely random for the most part I think it’s only fair you let us respec to try out that gear we found even if that comes at a price.
Otherwise a high percentage of gear you will simply just not get to experience unless you create another character and spec accordingly which feels a little bad to have to do.
Respec could be done via a rare loot item or perhaps your character has to go on a “pilgrimage” and basically complete a few quests in order to unlock the ability to respec (you need to complete this quest each time to respec).
I’m sure the ability to respec would be gratefully received by the community even if it was just as simple as paying a vendor in order to do so.


Respeccing has already been confirmed as “coming” without a date yet.

Thomas Mahler(CEO) himself has responded to this on the Discord server.


Awesome, thanks for letting me know :blush:

Personally I think it should just be free or for a good cost. Respeccing is QoL, so it shouldn’t be gatekept behind anti-QoL such as a mandatory repeatable quest in my view.

That’s somewhat similar to saying you can use a car, but every time you want to drive you gotta replace the wheels. That would be horrible UX

Same the only legendary weapons i’ve go were dex/int. im a strength build. putting game down after 30 hours cause i cant experiement and dont want to start over again.

You can skip the starting over with some exp potions and a new character. I know that’s not a quick solution like respecing would be. But if you didn’t drink all your exp potions you can easily skip 10 levels or so with the rate they seem to drop. They’re going to add respec, so you can just wait. But if you want to keep at it, without starting over there is a solution.

If you bricked your first character by like, dumping 40 points into stamina…then well shit you’re out of luck until then.

Oh yeah, bricked into strength. Stam 20, some wasted points in int and dex it feels like, now it’s very time consuming to lvl up

20 stams not bad really. That’s pretty much where it falls off, I usually stop at 19.

Spread stats are kind of rough currently if you spread them across 3 or 4 damage stats.