Hot take on a respec feature

I know there is a lot of people complaining about not being able to respec because they want to try all the weapons with their one character.

And I’ve also seen the devs initial response to this is and that choices matter.

What I think should be done.

I think if we give the option to respec all points it really ruins the re-playability of the game. And with the soft class system this should not be alowed.

For example in Diablo two you have 3 free respecs this is ok and you can farm to do it more. But In Diablo there are hard classes no soft classes. You can’t just reset the stats on your sorc and turn it into a barb.

What I think they should have is similar to their exp pots there should be a drop that lets you refund 1 point or a bigger pot to reset 5 points. At least this way you can tune your character if you accidentally put points I an area you didn’t want them.

Let me know what you think thanks


I agree with the sentiment :slight_smile:

I made a post about it as well, threw a couple ideas around.

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I can see it from that perspective. However as a souls fan primarily, having soft classes and being able to completely reset on the same char is the single reason I even bother to keep playing the games.

Right now, yes replayability matters. However at full release or even just a few content patches down the road, having to create a completely new char is a big ask.

Look at Lords of the Fallen as an example. A souls like that heavily incentivizes creating a new char, had a bunch of backlash because of the punishments given for playing on, on the same char.

Ya I think this could be true for most people but there is also shared realms with stash’s so you can find the items you want for your next character and exp pots and you’ll probably beat the game get to end game in a fraction of the time As your first play threw.

Also a fair point. They have def made some nice QoL for replaying on a new character.
However I still prefer freedom over restriction when it comes to games like these. It allows “us” to respec and enjoy one character, while also allowing people who want to create a new character to do so.

It obviously comes with issues regarding some people just going for meta builds, but how does that affect anyone negatively?
To get ahead in terms of a pvp argument, it would also suck being locked out of pvp because your build simply is not strong enough to compete.

People complaining about not being able to respect a toon is just laziness in my opinion. Players nowadays want everything handed to them on a silver platter and if they don’t don’t get what “they” want, they claim the game is unplayable, which is just ridiculous.

I have no issues with rolling a new toon to play a different role or class, I call it, Playing the game.

I hope the studio makes it difficult to re-roll or just omitting it from the game entirely would be the best.


Why do you think respec is bad tho?
How does it affect you if you enjoy making a new character?

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It doesn’t effect me directly, but it also take resources away from the Devs (ie. time) to code, troubleshoot, fix etc…etc… Let the Devs work on the meat of the game. The code nowadays for a game is insane…people just don’t understand how much time it takes to code an action, a feature, test it and then let it go live, its a huge time sink.

What is so hard about rolling a new toon? Its not hard, it comes down to players not wanting to the content all over again.

Example, I main ESO, I have over 8500 hours in the game and I have 20 different toons, why? Because I enjoy the game, play end game, I tank, healer, DPS, and I don’t find it difficult to roll new toons, its fun and I run with a group of players with the same mindset.

I’m 57 and I come from a generation where we worked to get what we have, these young kids today just want to get in, speed run, brag about it, cry that there’s no more content and jump to the next new thing that just over the horizon.

If you really like the game, then play the game as the developer intended.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Fair enough that it is your preference, but it is a feature the devs already had in their development plan which is highly requested by the community, me included obviously (I’m 25. Feel free to bundle me in with “these young kids” if you fancy). I get it takes time to code stuff, but as stated it is a part of their plan = they have time set aside for it. Testing is our job with early access, so that time can be taken away essentially.

My issue with rolling a new toon comes down to freedom to do what I want within the limits of the game as directed by the devs. Respec is intended by devs, so I could turn that argument right back at you.

We can absolutely disagree on something, but you want people to have less freedom of choice through removing a piece of content that will have absolutely no direct effect on you, or indirectly for that matter since the feature has allocated time.

Also - pulling the “Back in my day” card is really a lose lose argument. If you want people to hear you out, don’t create a bigger gap, but find common ground.


It doesn’t affect the enjoyment of creating a new character but I think it’s a deterrent. Why make a new one if I’ve tryed every single character on my main.

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Just ignore the feature if you want a fresh experience I suppose?
Again, it is just more freedom of choice, luckily no one is forcing you to interact with the system.

I have seen so many people say “just ignore the feature”. It is too convenient to ignore. And therefore cripples the experience I would have if I made a new character.

I am in favor of expensive or limited respecs,

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And also I think if I were making a game. I wouldn’t want it for this reason.

The die hard players are gonna stay make multiple characters and want old school game mechanics. Why do you think so many people still play Diablo 2 and Poe.

And the other half are gonna make one character try every thing do there one guy and leave the game probably.

I’d say if you want people to play more you’d want them to engage in multiple characters

I do not see the “its too convenient to ignore” argument. Yes, maybe some players who would have made a new character had the system not been would end up using it. However I think it is a minority while the rest would simply just stop playing the game to move onto greener pastures.

Talking about it makes me really interested to see data on that actually.

And with the system you allow both to get more playtime out of it. There has been a whole discussion about which playerbase to cater to, and i do not believe you can successfully make everyone happy. However, in this instance, I believe both segments would be able to enjoy the game the way they want to without compromising too much.

I would have made a new character had the system ended up not implemented. It matters to me so I express my desire(like you do) that’s all. I don’t mind the game moving onto greener pastures. I don’t plan on playing one video game till I die.

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What do you think about my solution on original post? You like the pot idea or do you just want a full respec?

I disagree with drop chance to get the ability to respec. If it was a guarenteed drop from lets say a crucible, then i would be open to it given it is a medium difficulty one to avoid weak builds not being able to clear it.

Obviously they should be stackable and probably more than 1-5 per pot depending on the amount dropped in a crucible run if we continue with that idea.

I do however think a 1 gold per reset cost would be better, it drops everywhere, you can specifically farm for it and it gives you a choice between respec or upgrade current build.

Another one i like is Ichor to respec. Cant really decide between the two.

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I think that they probably have to change the weapon system a lot. Being able to wield every weapon, just to test them. locking skill and damage when requirements aren’t met. (because imagine you have to level a character just to figure that you hate the weapon skills and timings).

I think it would be alright to respec one point at a time, that could be a rare drop or a certain tedious craft or even a mission of rebirth with an entire little questline, like the iona bloom side quest for a complete respec, who knows.

BUT! respeccing point by point might get more annyoing as you need intermediate weapons, because you might not be able to wield your old gear anymore, which might result in requiring not only one entire new set for the target build, but another just for the transition. so this journey can get really REALLY annoying. (trust me, I used to be a poor path of exile player :wink: )

i like the gold respec, finley could maybe sell that potion to you, when he gets available. because ichor is limited, and i wouldn’t want people to create a new realm, just to cheese the system.

money is infinite, and you’re kinda forced to play the game to a certain point to farm it so you can’t just to it on a whim. but maybe, the price can be different, depending on the character level. farming 1 gold is easy in endgame, but hard mid and early game…

then again, a whole trail would be best, because it would be annyoing af, but doable for everyone, because you could just hoard gold and have infinite respecs in the endgame…