Realm Farming for Clay

This definitely needs to be fixed because of how it appears to not spawn after a certain point in the game; digging holes for treasure and finding all sorts of stuff is fun but there’s too much in the loot pool and I haven’t seen clay drop since I beat the sewer boss.

In case you’re having trouble, here’s a farming route that only takes about 10 minutes or so; maybe about 20-30 runs to get enough clay for all the tier 3 upgrades. Can also veer off slightly and grab the chests you find / mine / cut wood to gather other ingredients, maybe get a few embers and gems:

  • create new realm
  • dig spot #1 just to left of spawn
  • dig spot #2 a bit further left near mob with fishing pole
  • run north into castle, get whisper, climb and jump off north wall
  • dig spot #3 in top left corner of lake area
  • dig spot #4 in center of lake area near where you dropped down
  • east of lake area, climb, go south, climb up to bridge
  • dig spot #5 go west toward locked bridge gate, just south of gate
  • go east, hit lever to take platform up, climb up, jump out eastward, get the whisper before boss
  • dig spot #6 after boss roars, head around SW corner
  • dig spot #7 climb vines just north of spot #6, it’s here with an enemy
  • dig spot #8 run south, then west along bridge to other hill, kill enemy
  • dig spot #9 run SE to the highest hill, it’s just SW when you reach it
  • head NE, kill boss
  • stop by the junk merchant, buy any clay he has (or really anything you want, maybe a ring)
  • run to the rookery, you go to sleep
  • wake up, select an inventory enhancement
  • run back to junk merchant, buy any clay he has (+ etc)
  • repair at blacksmith
  • get weekly challenge for enemy in war room
  • kill enemy in war room for another ichor
  • delete farmed realm
  • repeat

One day when clay actually exists like it should, I can’t wait to craft pretty flowers for my house.


Thanks for this tip really, I am level 26 now, I have completed the story so far I presume. Now I’m just trying to beat the crucible. I re-visited every area of the game multiple times and I found about 5-6 pieces of clay through my entire 25 hours of gameplay :smiley:
I didn’t know this could be the solution.
Thanks again :blush:

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Heck yeah glad it helps. Yeah I just hit 21 and spent 30s upgrading my new useable weapons and armor but I barely made a dent; hoping to take a few more cracks at crucible soon! Upgrading blacksmith to level 3 for silver ingots is a must (or whatever vendor you use for armor).

better strategy is buy the return rune from enchanter, put it itno a weapon and:

  • create a new realm, use return spell, check merchant for 0-3 clay, repeat.
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That’s fantastic, nice!

in a new realm how do you transfer clay to your main realm? i started a new character and my community chest was empty in the new one but full in the other

Have it on your character.

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Community chest is for specific realm - if u want to transfer something from one character to another.