Clay... where to find it or buy it?

I found 2 clay total in the entire game so far. Need to increase the availability please.

I dig all over the place and like a little loot goblin run around all over the place looking for it, can’t find any.


I posted this as a workaround until they fix, cuz it clearly needs fixing:


I really struggle with clay too even when it is available.
It looks :like a “rare” T1 ressource… but we need a lot too much to upgrade buildings if it is supposed to be rare.

Clean the entire T1 maps may give 5 clay if you’re not too unlucky… which mean we should clean the entire maps more than 10 times… (5 clay / building uypgrade)

The odd man with the big pack sells random stuff, including clay at times. He wanders around and collects just like you do. It’s well worthwhile to check with him every time you go back to Sacrament.

He’s in between the blacksmith and the enchanting lady.

Great guide, really appreciate the time you spent working on this.

However I will note that even with the so-called buff to drop rate delivered in Hotfix # 2 - Clay is still far too sparse a resource in the current state of the game, given that you need 40 (?) to upgrade all buildings.

I made 3 new realms so far, and followed your route, and I got a total of 10 clay. I logged into each realm again today to check the vendor and repeat the route and got ZERO clay, so something is definitely off here.

I will probably keep making new realms, but I can’t seem to find the option to delete the farmed realms, so if you could share that it would be greatly appreciated!

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For controller you have to hold Y on it - unsure for keyboard.

Also someone on my thread mentioned putting the return rune on a weapon and just creating a new realm and checking the vendor!

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