Loot rate of clay

Hello devs and players,

Here to make a little feedback and suggestion about the clay.
At high level, it’s really difficult to farm clay in a high level realm.
Since a lot of clay is needed to upgrade the city buildings, it gets frustrating, either to start new realms to farm clay, or to just go on, and on, trying to find desperately one clay in a high level realm.

I’d suggest making it easier to farm clay as it gets frustrating quite fast if you haven’t farmed it at an earlier level.

Side node : the game is amazingly fun to play and the art direction is just mesmerizing. Great game feel and great work to all the devs !


It is really a problem, it is hard to find clay in the market or from diging so I can’t upgrade any merchant

Big problem, make a vendor sell it, make the dig sites in the 1st zone 80% drop or upgrade city builder requirements to another tier like granite.

I love what you are doing with the game, a bit short tho but im sure after the 1st hotfix the game got a good dev team behind it. Good work !!

ps: make Grinnich sell the fishing rod from tier 1, i have been running around from the start of the game till endgame with no fishing rod, i didnt drop anymore and no vendor sold it till i upgraded this merchant.

I agree, the clay drop rate is a bit worrying. Also right now on m,y main realm it seems I locked myself out of acquiring any clay. I finished the MSQ (unlocked crucible) and it seems the whole world jumped up a loot tier. Have been trying to get clay from the starter zones but it is not dropping. I have to create an alternate realm just to progress my “main realm”

Agree It is a enormous issue … nobody wants to start realms again and again to find clay … make it purchasable or farmable because 5 clay for so many buildings is just impossible.

Edit: This is now fixed IMO.

I just played 20 hours and found 1 clay, I’m level 23 I just cannot upgrade any camp.

I have the same problem too!

Without clay I cannot upgrade thew city!

I believe the issue with the low drop rate is because Clay belongs to the low-level loot table. As we progress through the campaign, the loot table is updated to higher levels, making it harder to obtain Clay from digging sites.

I am planning to create a new character, get to the city, and then will not progress further within the campaign to see if the drop rate will be at an acceptable level.

Please. help no clay at all

same here for the clay problem

I posted a method for clay farming in new realms, it is wayyyyy too rare:

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After hotfix drop is still same, im lvl 16 and i didnt see clay for like 4 hours now. I struggle with upgrading city building plz add more drop rate for this

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I agree! Im still having trouble finding Clay. I think they should add it to one of the vendors or fix the drop rate once again.

Have the Same problem i killed the twins and after this i got only two clay in 4 hours playing thats not funny

another hoours of gameplay no clay at all

Guys now im lvl 20 i progress slow cause i really want this clay case to be resolved. You guys said you increasing clay drop but i dont see this today i tried gather 4 pcs and i didnt get even 1 from digging 20 spots.
Please fix this ASAP cause its ruin my progression and i think its not only me!