Clay is still extremely rare

Think I played a little more than 5 hours today, actively searching for dig spots. Only being able to find 2 Clay. :triumph:

I can’t progress any building upgrades because I can’t find enough clay. Is it supposed to be this rare?

It’s annoying me because I am hoarding a lot of common gear that I plan to Enchant when I upgrade her to lvl 3. Because then her enchants can roll better results, right?


Can confirm that it is indeed rare. If anything it got worse.
Before to farm clay I was creating a new realm, dig up first few nodes and then moved onto the next realm (it was cancer to do, but at least it yielded decent amount of clay). Now this method doesn’t work. With the hotfix loot changes I get like 1 clay from 4 or 5 runs (before I could get 1-2 clay per run). On top of that I can’t reliably farm clay in my main realm.

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I am not aware of this creating new realm strategy. How does that work? :open_mouth:

I get that It helps you bypass some hindering at the moment but what is their intend with having multiple or creating new realms, when bugs are fixed? You don’t lose your world progress? Is it for fighting previous bosses again and replay story?

As I said, after their fix it doesn’t work anymore, you barely get any clay, so might as well just wonder your original realm

Yeah clay still sucks. I see no reason for it to be there other than to slow down progress artificially for now. Unless they didn’t playtest their game at all. Clay is clearly a … rare-ish tier 1 resource, so if anything you should need 1-2 clay for each tier 1 upgrade, not 5 for tier 2 upgrades

ok :slight_smile:

flufffff texxxxxxt

I think bear paws more rare, since there’s no bears :upside_down_face:

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I’ve gotten 3 bear paws total :grin:

Actually true haha. Haven’t found a single one yet and I’m firmly in the “endgame”

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