Clay is Better But Still Low and I Think I Know Why

So I obviously don’t have the source code on me but I’m guessing what happens in the background of the game is each hole has a % to give us certain… stuff. My question is is clay a specifically different % than gear or any other type of item?

Because when you chop a tree you’re guaranteed to get wood, ore you’re guaranteed to get core. Meaning does digging a hole if the system decides to give you gear, does it lower the chance of getting clay if so that’s what’s leading to the shortage. I don’t need it to be 100% on clay but I do think it should be a separate factor.

Hey man,

After the update I went to farm Clay and got almost none, today I tried again and almost got 1 clay per hole, I think its pretty ok now. Not sure if I had bad luck yesterday or there was soome kind of requirements of the holes to re spawn after the update, maybe you have the same issue

i spent about 2 hours grinding mats again today while doing my dailys, i found a clay deposit that gave me 4 and immediately after that got 2 and then got 1 after 2 more piles, and then it was like 10 piles until i got another but i managed to finish 2 of my towns buildings today and am now completely done with spruce and iron… i just need like 13 more clay to be finished completely or something low like that and im done… so ill say im alot happier and had i started the game after the clay fixes i think id be on the right track so idk if it still needs buffs but its better than it was yesterday…

plus the devs have released 4 hot fixes in a week… they are absolutely killing it… kudos