Unable to find Clay after specific level and other loot issues

I am currently soft locked due to it being impossible to find clay after specific level (maybe lvl 15), which is needed to upgrade buildings/npc’s.

  • Around lvl 15 99% of the loot dropped is lvl 21.
  • No real STR equipment available. 99% of drops are dex/faith/int.
  • Day 2 hotfix broke digging animation.
  • Some drops disappear when you get near them, especially in sewers.
  • I am level 19 and still haven’t found a single purple drop that isn’t useless since all them comes with curses, and way too extreme curses at that.

any news on that i’m on the same problem aswell for the clay especially loot table need to be reworked please

They just released a new hotfix that is supposed to address the Clay issue. Let’s hope!

Edit: Still just as hard to find clay, you get 2 now instead of 1 whenever you managed to find one. There’s a lot of Chipped Coal though…