Clay still not dropping

Clay is still not dropping at a decent rate. Spent 2 hours digging and digging today and only had 1 single clay drop. I can’t progress Sacrament without clay!

Other than that, having fun.


I’ve noticed that the drop rate for clay is really low also for me.

Both from merchants and in excavation sites, clay is rarely found compared to all the other items required for city construction. Please fix this issue because my city is at a standstill and I can’t progress since I can’t find clay anywhere.

I’m at level 21 and I’ve farmed and re-farmed the same areas countless times without any success in finding clay.

I noticed that clay seems to be a “tier 1” component and only reliably farmed at the beginning of the game. If you’ve progressed the story to the point where the enemy levels ramp up, it just stops showing up. I made a new realm and just ran around digging and found a ton of it. On my main realm, same issue as you and I just don’t see it anymore.