Poor Performance example 5800x3d/4080S

Hey Moon Studios,

I wanted to share a screenshot from presentmon of the main performance issue I’m seeing in response to the steam post just released. This type of stutter is one you likely know of as it was mentioned. It’s largely while moving around the environment.

But happens much more frequently than moving from new area to new area. The frame time spikes not only can be high. But last a noticeable amount of time.

Yup, our Tech Team is studying all this - for some reason people get some weird perf issues even on good machines. Stay tuned, we’ll be fixing and updating ASAP! :slight_smile:


hi, could you tell me which program are you using to track all that data?

I’m having performance issues as well with amd 6900 xt and I’d like to use that too.

I’m also having terrible performance, even though there doesn’t seem to be any resource at 100%.

No matter the graphic configuration, I only get 34 fps tops, and it’s common to drop to 10 or lower. At the entrance of Sacramento and during the first boss I’m getting 15 fps.

It doesn’t matter how low I set the resolution, that doesn’t increase FPS.
I made sure only the game was running, I disabled steam and nvidia’s overlays, and made various tests, nothing seemed to help. Sunny weather also doesn’t significantly change the performance.

CPU Brand: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor
Windows 10 (64 bit)
RAM: 16333 Mb
Game installed on SSD.

I would like to volunteer to run any tests on my hardware that could help the devs get more information on the issue.

I’m using Intel’s presentmon Intel® Arc™ Graphics – PresentMon – Intel Gaming Access

If you do download it and want it to look like mine, this is my custom loadout in screenshot. Unsure if it’s okay to upload random files here to share the config file.

I wanted to add with the hotfix 2 update. Performance is much more improved than i would have expected. This screenshot is from a different area, but exact same settings.

Prior to hotfix 2 i would only see 90+ fps now and again, hovering around 60-70.

No with hoitfix 2 i’m hovering around 80-90 more times than not.

The frame time bumps you see are most likely from me clicking around/taking screenshots etc. Not from the game stuttering.

Great update! :slight_smile:

Edit: I should probably say this is at native resolution, 3440x1440. With dynamic resolution disabled, best quality preset.

Hi all,

Adding my two cents.

ZOTAC RTX 3080 10GB, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 32GB RAM. I’m averaging 20-30 FPS on this game using performance mode presets. I also cannot play this game without opening the side panel of my PC case. But when it is open, temperature is under control.

This is true even after hotfix 4. And I get this level of performance even if I just turned on my PC and loaded the game. The recent culling tweaks didn’t appear to have any real impact on my FPS.

Some possible smells for where the issue comes from:

  • My character stutters during run animations (the character will flash backward and forward) even in town.
  • The issue is slightly less problematic in Sacrament.
  • Almost every time I leave town for Orban Glades, the bridge is rendered. It takes 2-3 seconds before the meshes of the bridge start to load in.
  • The performance issues are worst during combat, especially with larger enemies. For example, my computer slowed to a crawl during Darak and Riven boss fights.