[Hotfix 3] Worse performance now then before


I am experiencing much worse performance now in hotfix 3 then before. Now i get constant stutters and spikes almost in all locations and during battle, which I did not have before.

Here a small video to illustrate the problem:

Before the patch, my only real issue was this:


Windows 10 22h2
7900 XT
32Gb 3600mhz Ram
1tb nvme OS + 1tb nvme game storage (sn770)
Adrenalin 24.3.1

Graphic settings: Quality

More info: before patch I was having almost constant 140 locked frames in all areas - now the moment I start moving even slightly the fps drops down 20-30 fps, but now I also have constant stutters and more sever framedrops even in areas I already visited or currently just standing in

I am having the same problem :confused:

same issue here

ryzen 7800 x3d with a 7800xt, game is installed on a ssd.

crane is also still not working and i cant progress.