Still BAD performance issues

Anyone else still suffer from bad performance issues, even after the 3 patches?
I’m running amd 6900 xt gpu, ryzen 5 7600x cpu, 16gb of DDR 5 ram, on windows 10.

my fps constantly drops and fluctuates from 30 to 90+. and I’m not even playing on highest preset graphics, I tried both quality and balanced, it doesn’t seem to help the fps drops at all.

the amount of stutters I get due to the fps fluctuation is almost unbearable.
sometimes my gameplay is literally getting stuck for a second or so due to the bad fps drops, and it happens during combat too.

with my pc specs I had assumed I’d be able to play on highest graphics and have at least stable 60 fps. but I go all the way down to balanced graphics preset and even there I suffer from massive performance issues.

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