Feedback about Performance on a Decent PC

Hey guys, having a lot of fun with the game but the performance is really iffy right now.

My Specs
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
RAM: 32gb 4400 MHz
GPU: GTX 3060ti

I realise that my GPU is worse than the recommended specs but even if i set my Graphics to “Performance” and downscale my resolution to 1080p from 1440p native, i get sub 60 FPS in most of the parts i played so far.

Hoping this Feedback helps and we get a Patch very soon.

Hi, below my specs

We have a good game in hands, My PC suffered in the game because it was not optimized.
As it is early access, I hope the game improves and becomes playable like Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps that runs even on average PCs and below, I plan to upgrade in the future, at the moment I hope the optimization improves .

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They’re definitely iffy, but again, this is Early Access - we legit signed up for this.

GPU: RTX 4090 FE
RAM: G Skill 32 GB DDR5 RAM, 6000MHz

I was getting mild stuttering and Average 58 FPS when using Quality; Best Quality had it running at about 22FPS, with about 63 FPS in Performance. and had the game crash in the Prologue, when she climbed into the hay bed. They do have some work to do.

Im on 3060 with 60+ FPS on quality with no resolution scaling check my other post for potential fix

i5 12400
RTX 3070
16gb 3200

I get some stutter but at 1440p quality I am getting over 60fps appart from the stutters