Personal Performance Feedback

Looking to see how other people with similar builds to mine are running, gpu, cpu, memory speed and all. Ive been getting consistent stuttering the whole time I’ve been playing, inconsistent framerate that goes anywhere between 25-50 fps in most areas, worse in the city. The memory leaks arent as apparent in my experience as I’ve seen others report, but I do often see my cpu is barely doing any lifting.

I am currently on hotfix 5

Graphic settings:

1920x1080 resolution
80% res scale
DRS on (80max/60min)
Motion blur at 100 & framerate independent

GTX 2070 Super (update latest drivers as of Fri, Apr. 26, 2024)

I7 10700K

16GB 3200mhz ram (2 sticks)

The biggest issue here is the inconsistency and the stuttering itself obviously, but seeing others running similar gpus but better cpus amd ram speeds and getting good performance has me wondering what this game is heaviest on.

Im gonna post logs at another point soon for dev feedback.