Performence - still horrible

I will start with saying i love the game but its getting tiring with the performence im getting. All the patches rolled out the recomended specs went down even but nothing seems to help my performence. I dont know if im the only one but I still get constant stutters in FPS in very closed small zones im able to get stable 30-40 fps but thats very rare in Sacrament i can barely get stable 20. It mostly just drops below 20 fps constantly stuttering which is horrible experience. Cutscenes are just slide shows for me and that makes the experience of the game horrible. From the beginning it is barely playable on all the bosses including Echo Knight i get very low stuttery 15 fps and when I started I clenched my teeth and said to myself “It will get better” but it just didnt even after all the patches. I dont know if it is a me issue, my PC is mediocare sure but mentioning few games I played recently which were running just fine even on high grapic settings: Diablo 4, Elden Ring, Remnant 2, Warhammer Darktide. So Im not sure whats with this game that it just run really bad on my PC.

For context,
Ryzen 5 3600
RTX 3060
16 GB ram


I couldn’t even play for 5 minutes before Patch 1 due to constant crashes, after Patch 1 the game just crashes immediately after launch.

Game works perfectly fine without an crashes. Your both PCs have some issues. Make sure to update windows, graphic card drivers and install game on SSD if you don’t have one buy it.

I dont have any crashes just poor performance. Everything checked 100 times and updated. But all other games work fine for me keeping steady fps.

Crashes without any error usually are related to memory, did you make sure you have enough memory to run the game, if you’re sure you do, you might want to try running the game after a fresh restart of PC to make sure no other stuff is hogging memory.

CPU & GPU for the most part, would only make your stuff load and show up slower, typically it won’t crash your game.

16 GB ram is no enough I think.

The problem is that even in their recommend Ram it’s 16GB…

I don’t know how they calculate the min and recommend config, it’s a stable 60fps in 1080p ?

I am at 60fps constantly without any crash. A part from the loading before some area with a little drop, and the texture glitch, everything is perfect for me.

I am playing at 110% in QHD, (2560x1440). … I will be curious to see with 4 players, full fx attack in 4k what will happen…

I am just surprised by the poor use of my CPU. I have the impression that my CPU is used at only 16% VS 50 to 70% in Diablo4…

I also don’t see any graphics difference in the different graphics mode of the game.

I have 32gb of ram, I run everysingle program/game there is without any problem.
Checked my PC multiple times, it runs very well.

I’m pretty sure the game is incredibly badly optimized.

My PC has ZERO issues.

The latest update is really bad. It’s taking forever to change maps.

then your lucky because there are alot of people that are experiencing performance issues. The fact that you dont doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is theirs maybe the hotfixes didn’t quite fix the problem.

I have a 11 years old base PC intel chipset, with windows 10 pro, intel i7 4770k, asus RTX 3060 12GB (using afterburner) and corsair 16 RAM, crucial SSD.

Playing the game in Full HD with max settings my FPS goes between 22 to 70+ FPS. It depends on the map and load, but average is 45 FPS. Totally playable, but I still wait for DLSS to power it up.

Never had any crashing issues, some stutters in the past but after patch 1 I didn’t see it anymore.

Windows and all drivers updated, PC Energy plan and NVIDIA options optimized for gaming.

It’d be hard to tell what went wrong, drivers could be the issue, but hopefullyt they implement a better logging & error reporting system for the game so debugging can be less of a pain in the rear.

That being said, I’m also curious: are you overclocking your CPU, RAM, or GPU by any chance? Asking because I got a decent PC as well, but particularly for Age of Empires 4 I kept having random crashes, the behavior is sometimes I get to play a few games without crash, but the crash will come at some point. Or sometimes it just crashes randomly literally when I’m navigating on the main menu. The FIX was to lower my CPU OC in BIOS. I’m running a 14900k and my motherboard auto OC it to 5800mhz, I did some testing and ended up dropping it to 5600mhz and it was just done, fixed. AOE4 never crashed again. Not sure if this fits your case but it’s something worth checking. OC can cause some weird instabilities that’s only discoverable for certain games/scenarios.

Clearly have as your game crashes.

Please don’t waste my time.

No, I don’t need to.
As I said I run pretty much everything flawlessly, without any issues so I don’t feel the need to OC.
I also tested/benched everything without any errors or hiccups.
Unfortunately there’s no direct support yet or even decent logging so I’ll just uninstall and come back in the future when and if they’ll do something about it.

Gotta love these “It works perfectly on my PC, must be your fault” responses. My PC, which runs plenty of triple AAA game at max setting at 100+ FPS blah, blah, blah struggles to run this game at a stable 40FPS. The game also takes a super long time to load - like 3-4 minutes. Yes I have an SSD.

Clearly the developers are still working out fairly sizable issues and there’s nothing we can do but wait until bugs are worked out for our specific software/hardware combo.

The issues are real.

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For me, everything is fine but my config is a recent one. And I hear that my graphics card is struggling…

But there is a serious problem in the Nameless Pass area: serious drop of fps, obliged to be in performance mode, and maybe a memory leak because everything seems to slow done here…

the performance issues are known and i’ve decided, after playing for over 100 hrs that will park the game until the next patch. Honestly i really hope they will improve greatly these problems because, not only have the problems gone worst every hotfix they did, but now i am struggling because there are times i drop down under 15 fps.

I really hope they are working hard on it so that next time it will really improve the game. I dont think that things can get worst because, for me in order to get worse would mean to find a game that is unplayable.