Am i the only one still struggling massively with performance?

i’m asking this because i see people say they have a gtx 1070 and a mid-low end cpu and the game running smooth, and im sitting here with a 1070 and an i7 cpu barely reaching 40fps if i stand still on performance settings. am i doing something wrong? or is the game still struggling with performance?


There are no settings in the game to reduce the quality of the game, to be honest, putting the settings on maximum quality and performance do not give any difference in feel


No, you are not, im playing at 50fps with huge dips, expecially from sacrament (out) to the nameless pass section


I am one of those with low end rig, 1060 6gb i5 6500 (no “k”) so no overclock.
16gb DDR4 RAM. I run all my games at 1080p on a 60hz monitor. CPU pinned to 100% usage, temps in the 80C range. I have a 40GB page file set and game is installed on an SSD. Nothing going on in the background, browser has to be turned off so I run my browser on my tablet.

While I have seen minor improvements in framerate since the past few updates, still not enough for me to unlock the game from 30fps. It is just too stuttery and it will freeze up in combat sometimes, or upon entering a new zone, which will cause death sometimes.

I have confidence it will improve, because it has been slowly. I am not askin for 140 fps or anything like that, I just would like to be able to play at 60fps with a little drop to 50 every once in a while.

Settings don’t help. Performance, Balanced, Quality, doesn’t do anything noticeable for me. Even turning everything on performance in Nvidia control panel doesn’t really help. Downscaling is set to 70% on both X and Y.

Any other info needed from a dev please just ask happy to provide what I can.

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No I am on a ultrawide 1440p with a Ryzen 5 5800x + 32 GB of 3200mhz RAM + RTX 3080 and according to other playing at 1440p they can maintain a consistent 70-80 or even 100 but I am not feeling that at all no matter my settings.

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Been pretty stable since HF#6. Would get a stutter/lag entering and exiting town at both gates but other than that game play has been smooth.

First of all, my PC specs: RTX 3060 12 GB, 48 GB DDR5 RAM, Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core, 2k monitor.

The longer I play the game, the lower and more unstable the fps gets. There is a big problem with loading objects and storing them in memory.
When I start the game, I have 60-80 fps in the Sacrament and ~60 fps in other areas, after 1-2 hours of playing, it drops down to very unstable ~30-50 fps, settings do not affect this at all.

If you enable all health bars (indicators), you can see all resource nodes on your screen, even resource nodes that are VERY far away are loaded, so I can assume that this part of the area that contains the resource node is also loaded (because there is no stuttering upon entering that specific region), it is especially noticeable in the nameless pass, when you can see resource nodes in the prison from the mountains, there is no way you can go there in 5 minutes, but the area is already loaded and it consumes the system resources. Therefore, I’m not even surprised the fps is so bad in the nameless pass.

Additionally, if you travel too quickly from one area into another, you can also notice that it is not loaded again, even if you switch 2-3 areas, all of them are still loaded, so the fps is significantly reduced.

Important: This is all my personal guess and I could be wrong.

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what are your pc specs? im curious to compare them

it seems like settings dont actually do anything at the moment, and if you dont have the required hardware you basically eat a sock.
but people like Johnpier are still facing issues even with a solid rig. dunno what to make of that.

CPU - I9-14900KF
GPU - Gigabyte AERO RTX 4090
RAM - Corsair Dominator Titanium 4x32GB 6600 OC 6800
NVMe - 1TB Samsung 990 PRO x1 - 2TB Samsung 990 PRO x3
PSU - EVGA supernova 1600W P+

Nah, it’s not just you. My FPS struggles from time to time, and I have a 4090. It’s definitely playable, but there’s a ways to go with optimization just generally, I think.

Not just you, a lot of struggling here too.

I went from using my desktop with a geforce 2080ti to using my gaming laptop [Rog with Ryzen 9 5900HX, Geforce 3070 8gb, 16 gb ram] and the game runs around 32 FPS but it crashes every single time. I Managed to see the echo Knight a single time cause inevitably the game stops working before i clear 8 rooms

i tried different setting but so far no luck.

Xeon E5-2620, Geforce GTX 750 4gb, 16gb ram.
NVIDIA Image Scaling 940p → 1080p, Performance settings.
Sacrament 20-45fps, Home 70fps, Nameless pass 15-30fps.
I know that my PC specs is lower than the minimum requirements, I just wanted to share. Maybe it will be useful to someone.

I stutter a bit running from sacrament to Nameless Pass.

And also the cut scene before Riven Twins makes me stutter big time.

Other than that pretty smooth.

im on 1070. game runs well on my end all i did was disable fullscreen optimization in windows and tweak some settings in nvidia.

okay well im not surprised you’re doing well then. but if we look at steam’s last player survey, you’re like the 4% of all players globally. most people are still running on hardware similar to gtx 1070, a little above or below that. it’s scary to see how heavy this game is on GPU. i will also point out that checking how much weight it has on the various hardware components, this game puts little strain on CPU compared to stuff like helldivers (which makes sense actually); but the amount of stress it puts on GPUs is insane, if i had to guess i’d say it requires 9-10 GBs of VRAM allocated in the GPU. thats a bit much, especially considering that that weight cant be reduced currently

thank you very much for sharing!

tried to disable fullscreen optimization and the result is incredibly noticeable.
there are still a ton of stutters, and that can be made smoother. the game could share work between GPU and CPU more efficiently and underload the GPU by optimizing the culling of certain materials and meshes. plus the tassellation is a bit dirty atm and i think these things should be adjusted in-game and not by every single user on a mid-end rig. still, thank you for the tip on fullscreen optimization that helped a lot

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What do you mean about full screen optimization?

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