Plague ichor upgrades should apply to ALL CHARACTERS

Hi. I’m an alt-aholic.

Currently managing 3 different characters (so far). I personally love that the world is shared between you characters, i.e. store upgrades can be utilized by all future chars; I a fan of horizontal progression for an RPG like this.

HOWEVER. The way Plague ichor is currently implemented any new characters I make in the same world will NOT be able to receive boss upgrades. You cannot re-kill the bosses with old characters, so the plague ichor can never be obtained.

Please fix this! It makes new characters not viable in the same world. Unless you want to play the game with only 5 rows of inventory… which I do not.


they should make the bosses reset but only drop gear (target farming?)

and when a new Alt kills the boss it should drop the plauge ichor aswell

Was baffled that when i created a new character and started at the shallows with no gear and the monsters are the same lvl as the main character…
Dont know if this is a good thing or bad… later when the full game releases and your main is very high lvl then you cant kill monsters.

same with the loot drops… It is scaling with main character so even if you kill monsters, you cant equip the loot :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone who might find this in the future, you can create NEW REALMS and play through the story again with a fresh character (or you main), in order to earn Plague Ichor at your leisure. Note that this is a pretty cheesy way to max out on your upgrades quick (especially the first 2 you get). But I find it’s quick to catch up with my new chars and eventually play on my main realm with all my upgrades.

I think this still needs some looking into, as I’d hate for the natural progression of ichor to be farm-able. I like the approach Dram mentioned above: where bosses naturally spawn again which could be farmed for dank loot +ichors for new chars that haven’t killed them yet, that would be AWESOME!

i would imagine after early access that realms and characters may be more limited. w co op and pvp, i think realms created will be limited to 3, so players have to go to each others realm for farming

I am not sure if respawning bosses would mess with the lore.
I think this is not the best idea to have them respawn.

But maybe re-summoning them (or summon shadow clones, aether imprints, whatever you want to call it) could work.
This would not entirely destroy the feeling of the world progress.