Increasing Inventory Size for Ichor does not feel good

Of course there is already a lot of feedback regarding items, inventory, storage and the like, but i want to talk about the Plague Ichor turn-ins to Roan after defeating a boss (or boss-like creature)

With the randomized loot, slaying bosses can feel sometimes more and sometimes less rewarding. But having a small reliable power boost (besides lots of exp) for a boss kill makes slaying them more fun, especially if those empowerments are otherwise scarce in the game. And you do kind of have those with the plague ichor, except for the fact that they do not feel empowering. Injecting basically poison into my characters veins resulting in a bigger backpack feels of. Rather it should increase combat potential, and while the ring option is exactly that, overall it still feels of.

My idea how to approach this would be to tie the inventory space increases to more ‘mundane’ main- or sidequests in Sacrament and have the player get an option to increase a stat for turning in plague ichor. And to go even further, instead of increasing the main attributes, which we can already do by leveling, we maybe could increase one of our base resistances (to heat/frost/electricity/plague). So far there are very limited options to influence our resistances aside from the rings giving various amounts on each, so i think that would be an intriguing addition.