Ichor Usage and Inventory Upgrade Suggestion

So we collect a lot of resources in this game, we have a smithy, armorer etc and all these craftsmen and we craft upgrades to the town and the facilities.

We also have the Ichor system which is used to increase an inventory slot total for the category of our choosing.

Why not, instead, have the inventory slots be something you can craft/upgrade at the carpenter/building project guy? Have it tied to the tier of the carpenter’s workshop or something like that?

Then Ichor, on the other hand, where when you drink the blood from these mighty creatures, these could give you physical improvements. Perhaps a flat stat upgrade? Ability improvements like faster movement, less stagger or such.

Inventory slots feels like such a waste for drinking refined blood from a powerful creature, especially in a game so focused on the crafting and upgrading.


Totally agree on this! It’s very weird concept to increase inventory size / main hand / offhand slots / wear more rings, etc. by drinking Ichor blood; where these should come from upgrading stats for equipment load or craft a larger bag for carrying more items.

Some suggestion for Ichor blood upgrades:

  • increase focus / focus regen / focus leech
  • increase stam / stam regen / stam leech
  • increase health / health regen / health leech
  • faster movement speed / faster climb
  • longer jump / reduce fall damage
  • longer invulnerable time for dodge
  • longer parrying time / easier to parry
  • ability to see enemy’s weaknesses
  • increase selected stat
  • elemental resist / elemental attack
  • improve crit chance / crit damage
  • improve poise / faster recovery when knocked down
  • immune to knockback / cheat death (once per 5 min. for example)

The list goes on… :stuck_out_tongue: