Ichor Rewards are Lack Luster

Using ichor to upgrade carry capacity for resources is not a good reward. Taking something that is a complete pain the rear and lessening that pain just a tiny bit is not a reward. How about having backpacks or pouches drop as a reward from elites and up? Those increase your carry capacity instead.

Instead ichor could be used for adding slots as is (ring slots, weapon slots) but that will cap out really quickly. Since it transforms you, maybe it can boost a stat permanently after x number of ichor?


being able to carry +5 trash things for killing a boss is so bad…


I agree , i think ichor should be used to upgrade the character maybe some kind of passive skill tree like diablo/path of exile and upgrades to slots should be drops from mobs and harvesting . For example killing an enemy should give you an item that lets you upgrade your gear , cutting trees and mining should give you an update that lets you upgrade your resource bag etc.


Wish I could give you more than one like. I can’t express how disappointed I was the first time I turned in an ichor, the game played this cool little animation where I drink the ichor and it seems like I’m getting some kind of power boost and then… I’m prompted to select an inventory tab to expand? What?

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This is doubly true when it’s so easy to farm ichor to max out all of the upgrades. Especially once you know how the realm backups system works.