Feedback about: ichor, teleportation, map and backstabing


First of all, I want to say that I really enjoy the game. Both the graphics and the storyline, as well as the gameplay, are excellent. The comments I am about to make are things that bother me the most (they’re not necessarily major flaws in the game). I eagerly await the full version and am curious about how you plan to develop this title, as it looks very promising for an Early Access release.

  1. I’ll start with the thing that disappointed me the most and I believe it should be changed because it is simply ridiculous. I’m referring to the current use of “Plague ichor.”

I defeat the first major enemy and then learn that I obtained the mythical “Plague ichor” from him. Then I’m told that with its help, I will gain access to the great power that lies dormant within me. And only the oldest sage can prepare the elixir for me. So I go, drink the elixir, and I burp. And thanks to that, I can now wear one more ring… Well, I really feel more powerful now… While this “upgrade” does actually increase my combat value somewhat because the rings enhance my stats, the subsequent upgrades (increasing inventory or backpack slots) do not.

For me, this is currently the weakest point of the game in terms of narrative. It looks like someone came up with the idea of a great mythical “Plague ichor” but had no idea what to do with it, so he decided: “Hey, let’s make life difficult for the players. Instead of letting them use all the inventory and backpack slots from the start, let’s limit it so that it’s inconvenient for them. And later, for defeating significant enemies, we’ll give them access to what they should have had from the beginning, and they’ll feel stronger.” So for me, this makes no sense. I don’t feel empowered; I feel like I’ve just removed a penalty that I was given before I even started playing.

What could “Plague ichor” be used for? To actually enhance our hero. For example, at the end of the EA content, we reach an altar of the gods. We could offer it there and in return develop/activate specialization trees. For example, I could activate a strength specialization tree and, by following this development path, add to my build things like: better strength scaling on weapons; translating multiple required strength points for using weapons into faster attack execution; the ability to use two-handed weapons in one hand when reaching multiple required strength points; etc. There are really a lot of things that can be included here, giving the possibility to build characters in many new ways. Such specializations could be based on stats or specific weapon types, or simply named in some way (e.g., Warrior) and provide various stats to choose from.

I don’t know what utilization of “Plague ichor” you have planned for the later stages of the game, but in its current state, I would prefer it not to be there at all and let me to start with access to all inventory slots because after unlocking the second ring, this “Plague ichor” adds nothing to the gameplay and have no value for me.

  1. Teleportation is only possible to the last whisper. I don’t understand why this would make the game better, but maybe there is some sense in limiting the whispers you can teleport to.

A more reasonable limitation would be to allow teleportation to just one point per area, located somewhere in it’s central and designed to provide shortcuts to other locations within the sector. Since you offer daily missions, don’t force players to choose between, completing missions in one sector to gather resources and not activating any teleports there, because they want to return to where they were in the story, or activating a teleportation point but then having to run back to where they were in the story. Either way, as a player, I am forced to run around and waste time. And for me this game should be more about fighting than runing.

  1. The limit on the number of markers on the map.

Why did you restrict them to 12 per type? Since this game is partly about gathering resources, why can I only mark 12 of them on map?

  1. The interaction space for choosing actions with items/NPCs.

Sometimes it’s hard to position yourself correctly to interact with an NPC, open a chest, or activate a whisper.

For example, when I’m standing on a teleport, I expect to be able to activate it, but usually, I can’t and have to move away from it and then position myself close to it but not on it.

Sometimes, when standing right next to a chest, I can’t open it for some reason and have to move away and approach it again (sometimes two or three times), and the same issue occurs with NPCs.

  1. Backstabs.

Sometimes I feel that the ability to land a backstab is delayed by a fraction of a second. It seems that after positioning myself correctly for such attack, the game needs an extra fraction of a second for the attack to register as a backstab rather than a regular attack.

  1. Please add a deadzone adjustment for the controller in the settings.

All great points, Thank you for sharing! :pray:

1 and are already topic of lots of discussions within the forum if you‘d like to stick around and exchange some more feedback, be very welcome to contribute!

3-6 are not brought up as much, but annoying nonetheless. So thanks for pointing them out. Backstabs and stealth in general could use a bit of love. Very excited and hopeful towards what is to come. And hopefully feedback like yours does make a difference!

Cheers :smiling_face:


The point about the ichor is really spot-on! I much prefer inventory slot upgrades via items, like in some games you can find/craft a better backpack, etc.

Being able to carry more stuff does feel somewhat disconnected from a character unlocking latent power within themselves. I can kinda make it make sense with the extra main + off-hand equip slots… but with such an intense encumbrance system, why would I want to equip stuff to do sword & board, AND a spear, for example, when unless I put a ton of points into Equip Load, I know I’m gonna be extra heavy and slow?

I’m gonna link a post of mine since we have similar feelings on plague ichor:

The devs said they are also working on a talent tree maybe the Plague Ichor will be a part of it.

Teleportation has been discussed on the forums as well, many seemed to want more options. Or I general teleport to a specific area. Unsure whether or not I read something about it on X being expanded upon. Might look it up later and add a link if I find it.

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Thx for link. And yes, for sure we both agree that there is big potential in this ichor mechanic. I hope they will make some use of it.

I’m also going to link my post here about fast travel since I tried my best to atleast justify why it currently is the way it is. (I don’t expect you to change your mind but I hope it’ll be an insight)

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Thx for sharing.

I reffer to two statements:

“Our goal is to build the most incredible world that you won’t get tired of because it always presents new things to the player!"

"Travel is boring? That’s not true. It’s only an issue because your game is boring. All you have to do is make travel fun.”

First point: I understand, and it’s a good idea, but… It’s partly implemented, because different enemies can spawn on the map each time, which is a plus. But it’s still the same location with the same trees, etc… It can be interesting to fight different enemies in a familiar environment and be surprised by them, despite knowing the terrain. But just running through a known environment is not fun. Currently, there are two regions in the game, and to reach each of them, I have to run from the center of town to where I want to go, doing nothing along the way. And that’s not interesting for me. What will happen when there will be more regions even further away?

Second point: And here is the most challenging task. Locations should be designed in such a way that unlocking additional shortcuts is “interesting” and gives the feeling that the region is coherent and connected, convenient for “traveling.” For me, this should be related to designing the locations so that there is one main point you can always teleport to, and from/to lead many shortcuts, connecting the location as a whole. Then traveling is interesting because I know that what I want to do is in some region, so I teleport there, but I still need to get there through previously unlocked paths (or unlock shortcuts for the future if I haven’t done so yet) and along the way, I have to consider that surprises may appear in the form of different enemy spawns.

In my opinion, the ability to teleport to one location per region does not spoil the game’s premise; it only gives the player the ability to explore the regions without having to run to them and “admire” the same trees along the way again.

P.S. By the way, I really like the world, and it is pleasant to look at. Great job, in my opinion.


I agree with having a Fast Travel option to each Area.

Some teleportation options have already been suggested so I will suggest something different → Flight Paths

Imagine exploring the Nameless Pass and suddenly you find an abandoned nest with a rather large egg in it. You take the egg with you and, I’m gonna assume farming has been added, store it inside the barn and wait for it to hatch. The egg hatches into a young Hippogriff and you need to feed and tame/train it. It will be this nice lil’ fluffball that can fly you to various locations, the flight paths. There will be a designated area in each location that allows for travel through flying. You would need some barding and a saddle for the Hippogriff. And since it is still a young Hippogriff it won’t join you in combat but it will fly you to various locations if you feed it and play with it.

Edit: to prevent confusion → Not actual flying but rather teleporting from A to B under the guise of flight but through a small quest and baby hippogriff. Having pets is nice.

Could be nice… :thinking:

It could be a cumbersome system though (WoW flashbacks :upside_down_face:).

If you spend hours flying from A to B to C to finally arrive at D, with no additional features, now that is just not interesting and I would prefer teleportation.

But… maybe we could have something more… What about gliders? Thinking about Jedi Survivor here:

After you finished a region, your baby gryphon is now brave enough to fly there. But its a small gryphon so it will glide, but it is not able to lift you up. You can find all the interesting places, go right to your favorite spot to explore the region once again.

Maybe that is too much freedom though, I mean you basically get anywhere, with an in between stop… But would have style imo.
Edit: Maybe if the gryphon gets tired…?

i feel like flying/gliding does not fit the games general theme. at least for me it would take away the whole thing about map awareness, shortcuts, routing etc.

i’d much prefer 1 whisper per area/map to teleport to for daylies and such.

I totally agree with your points here, whilst I did state on the post I accept the way it currently is, I am still on the fence about it and bounce back and forth between the system.

The lack of fast travel was addressed by Thomas awhile back, I do believe they plan to change the way it currently works. Time will tell. As it currently stands, its not a major issue but it will surely become one as the map opens up. Which is why I find it interesting that they also plan to add more ways to travel as the game expands.

It can take a lot of map awareness to glide well … I should know :upside_down_face:

Some gliding puzzles result in headaches :grimacing:

Also the enemies could react…

But i agree, one port per zone would be a simple and likely efficient solution.

Hmm, maybe I should have expressed myself better in my post to prevent confusion.

I meant rather than actually flying it would be something similar to the teleporting with Cerim Whispers but with a giant birb flying us there instead. Like how Pokémon handled it, but with set locations and such. We take off into the sky and land, that’s it.

Might still not fit the theme of the game, however reading the same suggestions becomes tiresome :sweat_smile:

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I think the teleportation to any whisper could be made with some sort of quest as we advance in the story, since the whispers are tied to us, only a cerim can see them afterall, the devs could implement this better than to just give us that option right from the start.

I think that ability could make traveling through the map trivial, people wont explore as much to open shortcuts if they can just fast travel to the whisper.

Oh and i like the idea of flying, but that as well should be implemented with some restriction, like WoW did, you could fly from town to town using griffons or bats, the devs should just choose the animal hehehe.

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When it comes to me, I completely don’t get the idea of having any pets for traveling, since they would do exactly the same thing as teleportation, which is to transfer you to one of the whispers. Maybe it would make some sense, if at all, if there were some kind of limitation on using such pet through a quest or some other mechanics, but then you could travel to any point on the map chosen by the player (with the risk of landing in the middle of a mob cluster).

I am still not sure if pets would fit in the theme/narrative. yeah, i get it, its fancy and cool to fly somewhere with a griffin or ride over the map with a spirit horse, but in all honesty, every RPG seems to have those, so i am kind of glad NRfTW does it differently.

No need to re-invent the wheel imo. Just more teleport options and it’s fine.


No! God! Please! No!