Performance, translation feedback

My PC spec:
Ryzen 5800X
RX 6800
Installed on SSD

Hi there, as a fellow big fan of the Ori series (having the Ori/Ku plush and the artbook on aside rn:) ), I got high expectation on this new IP from Moon.

I’ve been enjoying the game for an hour so far, graphics looks top tier and stylish as always, games running around 70-100fps most of the time on 1080p with “Quality” preset which is good for me, dips are expected, but the stutters (entering new area/room, loading effects, etc. for the first time) are quite ruining my first experience especially on cinematics. I suspect this might be due to shader building, yet still I think this can be improved.

As for the translation, Im playing in traditional chinese, feedback are below:

  • Missing text on pickup
  • Missing translation
  • Translation feedback
    1. Sacrament, which a name could be seen a lot.
      圣城 (CHS, means “Holy city” which is fine.)
      聖禮 (CHT, means “Holy ritual”? which is weird lol.)
      Either way, I would prefer translating Sacrament directly since this a unique name.

    2. Active
      已激活 (CHS, means “Activated”?)
      有效 (CHT, means “Effective”?)
      I suggest 進行中(Ongoing) would be better on both.

I do realise that the game is in EA stage so hope the input helps. Thanks for all the hard work and good day!

*Sry for broken eng if theres any lol