Seek corrections

I like the art, music and combat style of this game very much, but there are still some aspects of the game that are not very friendly. Here are some aspects that can be improved that I personally encountered while playing. I hope the official can adopt and make improvements:

  1. Optimization problem. I have a 3070ti configuration. If I play with the default settings for more than two hours, there will be an acceptable slight frame drop. However, if I continue to play for more than three hours, the situation will become extremely bad and even cause me to be unable to play. Normal game;
  2. I am a Chinese player. In my opinion, most Chinese players will give negative reviews for games that do not have complete Chineseization, because the lack of Chineseization will increase the learning cost of our game, and the Chineseization of this game is obviously It’s a semi-finished product, which gives me a very abrupt feeling. I hope that the language update can be completed as soon as possible;
  3. I don’t know how to check the descriptions of some information in the game, such as weapon skills. I searched for a long time but could not find the descriptions of the skills. I don’t know if it is my problem, but if it is true that there is no such information description in the game, I will I hope it can be added, otherwise after getting the weapon, you have to find a way to save concentration points and study skills a little bit, which is very painful, really;
  4. Change the keys - please, I really need this - there are too many key positions that I am not used to - after all, the key positions should be more or less different personal settings for everyone. ——

I have played the game for eight hours now. This is what I feel can be improved upon. I will continue to play and make suggestions. I sincerely hope that this game will get better and better.

Oh, by the way, I also hope to add a mechanism for recovering blood from save points, otherwise I can only ensure the durability of my equipment and the few dishes I can cook by taking off my equipment and jumping off a cliff.