"Regarding Chinese translation and game optimization"

  1. I hope the game can quickly add teleportation functionality.
  2. This is a game that requires exploration and collection. I suggest you expand the storage capacity of the warehouse and backpack.
  3. Increase the recognition of items, chests, and the surrounding environment.
  4. When obtaining equipment in Chinese, the name of the obtained equipment is not displayed on the left side.
  5. I hope the game can be optimized for performance as soon as possible. My graphics card is GTX 1660 Ti, and the CPU is 9750H. However, at 1080p resolution and the lowest graphics settings, the frame rate is less than 30fps. Also, the graphics settings in the game are not detailed enough. I hope future updates can provide options to reduce lighting effects, rain effects, and item fidelity, so that I can run this game smoothly at 1080p 60fps as soon as possible.
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