Suggestions and feedback from a Chinese player

As everyone can see, by the time I am writing this feedback, the game has already released three patches. Some issues have been fixed while some have not. I would like to talk about some issues regarding this game from my personal perspective, after all, this game has the potential to become my game of the year.

  1. Game Performance Optimization

Although the patches have optimized the performance of the game, there are still many areas that need improvement based on my current experience. My RTX 3070 graphics card still cannot maintain 60 fps at 2K resolution. If played for an extended period of time, occasional crashes may occur. This is indeed currently the biggest issue encountered in this game. I hope the development team can prioritize and continuously improve game performance.

  1. Equipment System

It is necessary to criticize the equipment system of the game. In later stages of Chapter One, due to having too many resources and items on me, I had to buy several storage boxes to place in my home. When I needed to upgrade my weapons, I had to run back home again to get the upgrade materials required.

I’m not saying that this design is bad; rather, it’s because of resource surplus that you must use more space to store items you don’t know when you will need them. This made my experience very unpleasant. I hope that when storing resource items at home, I can access all materials in my warehouse instantly when upgrading weapons at shops without needing extra time retrieving them again - which would improve player experience and save time.

  1. Combat System

Regarding combat, there is one thing I want to mention, which is the judgment of the parry mechanism. I hope that the judgment of this parry mechanism can be more lenient. I don’t know if the parry is determined based on the size of the weapon or shield object, because sometimes you just can’t parry it.

The above are some feedback points from me currently; this game is really great! The art design quality level map and combat completion degree are all very high; with proper polishing done well enough – it will shine brightly!

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