Necessary changes, Feedback and Bugs after 45 hours playing

Hello everyone.

After having played more than 40 hours, I am going to list points to improve (PD: The game is amazing), I will ignore the performance, since I am sure you already know this, specifically I have an i9 13900k and an rtx 4080, and They go down to 20 fps on certain occasions, although I know you are working on it.

I am going to list the points that you may not know, or that I think should be corrected:

-When improving the cerim set (Armor, helmet, gloves and pants) at the blacksmith, they do not increase the attribute (When I realized I had already made many improvements, I even leveled them up, spending a lot of resources XD). If you want the properties to not be flat, they should not appear to be improved at the blacksmith.

-That when loading past games of the world the items are kept as you had them at that moment (Currently, if you load a past game, you will have the objects that you had the last time you played, which could cause infinite farming of objects (Or loss of items if you made a mistake when selling something and want to load the game).

  • Sometimes enemies with leeches explode instantly, skipping the animation.

-Possibility of sorting the objects in the chests in your house (The objects you leave in the chests are impossible to sort).

-Add the ability to move full chests inside the house.

-Improve the placement of objects (The character does not move and only the object you want to place or move moves)

-Possibility of grouping the objects in your inventory (For example, many times you have 26 mushrooms, but these are grouped in a stack of 18 mushrooms and 8 mushrooms in another stack, and it is not possible to re-stack up to 20 mushrooms unless you You move the items to a chest and pick them up again (This happens when making meals, that these objects are taken from a larger stack to the other smaller stack).

-Possibility of re-enchanting enchanted objects to change their attributes (I don’t know if it can be done later, but it looks like it won’t, if so, it would be good)

-The penalty for purple objects is too great, so much so that 90% of the time blue objects rent more than purple ones. Not only do they take away a lot of gem spaces, but the penalty is usually abusive (loss of gold or exp when dying, stamina reduction by half, reduction of maximum life by 20% or more… They are very serious penalties). severe compared to the benefits), blue objects are usually, by far, much better than purple ones, I would remove the penalties directly, or, if they have them, make them not so abusive, or, at least, give you the option to remove such penalties with certain items.

-It would be nice if the quality when enchanting objects is by scale and not randomly, that they improve as you enchant them (go from gray to blue, from blue to purple, and from purple to gold).

-Possibility of disenchantment of an object.

Possibility of destroying the gem applied to the objects to be able to put a different one on it.

-Reduce the red color of weapons that cannot be used, at first glance, that red covers the quality of the weapon (Especially when they are blue or purple)

-Reduce the sensitivity of changing consumables with the mouse (There is very little precision if you want to quickly change food)

-There is a rare bug that visually duplicates the outfit you are wearing in the inventory (That is, the same object, which appears both in the slot where you have it equipped and in the inventory), this makes it so that when selling or destroying said object from the inventory disappears from the equipped slot, losing the object if, by mistake, you sell it from the inventory itself.

-Another bug is that the world games are not saved correctly, there are times when you want to load after having passed and activated several cerim whispers and no save appears after more than an hour.

-Sometimes, when destroying wooden boxes and barrels (World Props with physics), they remain in place and the physics animation does not appear, after destroying them, you can pass through them.

-I don’t know if it’s a bug, but when the area is reset, there are some elements that do not reappear in an unforgettable way, such as some trees and some iron ores, there are veins and trees that never respawn.

-That the attack speed of the weapons appears in the inventory, especially because, if you cannot equip a weapon due to lack of attributes, at least you know whether or not it is worth raising those attributes for that weapon, to see if it is compatible with your playing style.

Everything is written by Google translate, sorry for the typos.

This is intended, isn’t it? I feel like the instant exploding ones look slightly different, more blue or something. Maybe I’m crazy.

I think a big problem with purple gear is that gamers are used to purple meaning better, or Epic, while blue just means Rare. I don’t think they are meant to be better in No Rest, just different.

I do agree the penalties are a bit extreme for the bonuses. However, I’d prefer they increase the bonus effects and not make the penalties less abusive. This way they have more of a feast or famine, double edged sword vibe.

As it stands, I think common items are by far and away the best, provided you can find the gems you want. I actually quite like that about this system.