Perfomance and my view of suggestions

Performance - Hello, I’ve been having issues with perfomance, the game is in constant 20fps in the recommended graphics, the audio is stuttering/flickering, my specs are Nvidia gforce gtx 1650 Ti, and a i5 intel core as well as 16 gb ram. The cutscene at the top of the boat was at 10 fps.
Audio - I also believe some dialogues were in the “background” when I chose the headphone input for the audio(also at the start of the game) seemed like it wasn’t natural, I also think the music and dialogue are very quiet even at 100%.
Visual - Not sure why my game was really pixelated on the edges and my character face.
Gameplay - I think the combat is amazing, gives a lot of thrill to see a dude lunging at me and I dodge and counter-attack, gladly so far (I stopped right after saving the blacksmith) the camera wasn’t another enemy and wasn’t really troublesome, maybe make some slight changes to enemy tracking sometimes I wasn’t sure which one I was focusing on.
I believe that is all, I really love and appreciate the work you guys have put into this, I’ve played both Ori games, and to see you guys expand to this genre which I love a lot really makes me happy. You guys rock!