Comprehensive Feedback after 90+ hours

Hey everyone o/

I’ve been spending some quality time with No Rest for the Wicked lately, and I’ve gathered some feedback to share. Just to give you a heads up, I’ve been playing on a GTX 1070 and an i7 6700k, with a trusty DualSense controller, all at 1080p.

Technical stuff

  • More times than not, the cinematics audio get desynced from the visuals.
  • As I have a not so great PC, most of the time I stare at the loading screen and I would say the loading icon isn’t really impactful enough. I always need to double check to see if my game froze or not.
  • The volume level of the game reset at each start of the game
  • After playing for a while, I notice a decline in performance, which might indicate a memory leak issue somewhere(?)


  • We are missing some kind of description about stuff like Elements effects, Runes and such
  • The frequency of rain feels a bit excessive, causing FPS drops without any gameplay impact tied to weather. (London is that you? °-°)
  • Blueprints are too scarce considering more than half the stuff you can’t buy anywhere
  • On the topic of Blueprints, you can get the same blueprints/recipes as the rewards of the same Bounty/Challenge. (I just got 2 recipes from a single bounty and they where both the same. You can’t even check what you get before completing one)
  • Wool Garment to craft/upgrade is way too rare and not available in the shop. Spending 2h to grind for 10 Wool Garment for the first upgrade of a T3 cloth piece isn’t really “fun”. (And you need 20 more to max it out :tired_face:)
  • Finley shop left a bitter taste in my mouth.
    First of all he came in town at 9am and not at 8am.
    Second of all it would be better to write “8am-11:59pm” cause 12am caused some confusion between players.
    Lastly, the shop offers pretty much garbage. It’s a randomized table of the enemies drop of your current world level for prices that are way too high.
  • If I’m not mistaken, nowhere does it say that tools break after reaching 0 durability. It cause a bit of surprise the first time it happens.


  • While there’s a variety of movesets between weapons, focus makes everything the same game loop.
    Almost every late game build goes one direction: Focus on damage dealt, Focus Gain, Focus gain on Focus use.
    Rune spam is way too rewarding, especially with the freeze/stagger spam you get vs the bosses.
  • Thorn builds are ridiculously op too. You can have so much armor to take as little as 1 damage against the Echo Knight and dealing multiple instances of damage back while healing too.
  • Parry builds are fun and challenging at the early stages but they get repetitive and don’t really opens up later in the game.
    Maybe have something like Sekiro with enemies that do an unparryable with a visual queue or something to break the gameplay loop? idk
  • Focus Regeneration enchantment gives so little over time. I legit needed to stay afk for 20 min to see my focus bar somewhat changing.
  • For some reason you can use Blink in heavy roll? You can basically be a teleporting fortress that have shoulder charge breaching anything at mach 4… ??
  • Poise stat feel a bit shrugged off. Just a personal feeling but I’m not seeing much difference between numbers. (Might only be only me on this one)
  • Second-hand options are non-existent for now. (Hope we get something good soon like stuff from Albion Online might be nice)
  • Perma-staggering shouldn’t be a thing…

Cerim Dungeon

  • Stone bridges map have that chest on top that have a way too risky jump to make. Might be a skill issue on my part ngl
  • Fire Mage cage map has some cannons on the side with some problems. Some of them shoot itself (hitbox prob) and nothing comes out, others have a red sphere outside the model itself (particle generator of the cannon I think)
  • Echo Knight can actually fall out of the map without dying (most of the time on the right side of the map)

I’m not giving out too much suggestions as I’m not a game designer and the feedback is already long as it is.
This is just a pain point list I wrote down as I was playing the game.
Peace ~Flamy