Performance issues

Playing on an rtx 2050 and 16gb ddr4 ram, so above the minimum suggested settings on the steam page. Even with everything set to performance and scaling pushed as far as i can take it, constantly hovering between 25-29fps with dips into the teens. I’m absolutely adoring this games art style, combat and ambience. Just can’t wait until the performance is improved, so so excited to give this another shot in a few days


I’m using an:
RTX 4090 FE
G Skill 32 GB DDR5 RAM

And I was getting similar performance.

I was initially on Best Quality; I swapped to performance and then immediately, jumped to about 45 FPS…then around 58 FPS average, while playing in 4K, everything maxed out.

You will likely have to play with the settings.

Unfortunately I am at the performance setting, with my resolution set to 1650p and dynamic resolution on. Playable at around 30fps until I hit sacra and now it’s all gone to shit again, sitting in the teens. Totally acknowledge it’s my terrible hardware, was not expecting 60fps at the quality preset, but was hoping for something playable with the performance mode on at around 30fps in 1080p. Anyways, hopefully once I leave university I can build a more capable rig, would love to be playing on your system right now, because I love this game. Enjoy it for me man :joy: