Please improve the perfomance

I have like 5 hours playing and honestly I love the game, the art is amazing the combat is very good… everything is good so far but the performance is very poor. I have a pc that is above the recomended specs of this game and yet is very difficult to reach 60 fps, in avrg I have 35-45 fps and is not stable.

My specs :
13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-13400F
32 gb ram ddr4
Acer predador SSD GM7000 2TB
4070 RTX NVIDIA geforce
I have my windows 11 updated


I like your work… A LOT, but please improve the performance, looking forward to the next update.


There has to be something more to it, could be that your PC isn’t optimized either? I run 80-100 fps constantly (Dips to 40-50 in rare ocasions of particles all over the place like Darak’s first fight) on 1440p Balanced 80% Render with these specs :
3060 Ti RTX NVIDIA GeForce
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
32GB (8x4) DDR4 RAM
also on an SSD (500 GB)
Windows 10 (maybe windows 11 is at fault here?)

I am very suprise about that and I not the only one with this problem, but there are zones that is better and reach 55-60 fps but still is not enough for the pc that I have.