Improve perfomance

Hello, the game itself is great, graphics, combat, interesting story.
But the biggest sin in the game is performance. I can’t reach 30fps without suffering at the minimum settings, lowest possible resolution (720p).
before the updates (Hotfix) I could barely walk in the game after the beach.
My specs:
i5 11th
RTX 3050

Hello any improvements since then I’m running a 13 10100 with 16gb of ram maybe that’s the issue? MSI 3050

My report was after the “hotfix 6”. I believe that the problem with the game is the misuse of memory, as not even Elden Ring reaches this level. I don’t know if they will fix this in a future patch.
About the i3 10th, I have no idea if it would be enough to run (even with future solutions), because I don’t see any current games that accept this processor as recommended

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My FPS are between 40-60. The i3 is working =D. whenever i find a i5 cheap ill upgrade.