Early Feedback and Suggestions

Hi! I want to do this in order of what I experienced but I gotta preface this with my PC specs
I have an RTX 3060 TI, Ryzen 7 5700X3D and 32gbs of ram.
Now let’s start with the character creator.
It was passable I’d say. I think makeup, facial tattoos and scars and skin color should be their our options instead of tied to presets. It would also be nice to be able to actually change the parts of the heads, like picking different sets of eyes. Give us a few more hair options and more colors to pick from (for eyes too).
I understand that this game being isometric, we won’t look at the characters that much but this artstyle is so pretty that I just want to create the “perfect” character to live in this world. It would be nice if they actually appeared in cutscenes too. Maybe if the helmets got hidden during them? Which reminds me, an option to hide helmet when you’re in town. And weapons bein sheathed in there too, maybe. Those are a few things that jumps out at me when I see how perfectly this world is crafted, visually and our character is just not fitting adequately.

Now to the boat tutorial. Here my fps wasnt that great. Would constantly dip to the 40s here and there and got a lot worse when the battle started, sometimes nearing 30s. This got me kinda scared but it all solved itself when I got to the island.

From here on out I’ll just list things I’ve noticed that are strange or that I think could be added/changed in the future:
-Framerate cap skips “90”. Jumps from 89 to 91
-Some small spots in the map dont get revealed when you walk on them
-No way to pause the game on singleplayer?
-Controller should vibrate when you hook a fish. Or vibrate harder.
-No Dualsense options or support for it without Steam Input
-Mysterious deaths when falling from a short ledge/jump and immediatly touching water (it only happened once near the green water in the beach)
-Enemies with hand-crossbows are extremely fast and precise. Maybe they should take more time aiming, at least half a second more.
-Enemy’s Fire Grenades seem to follow you in a way? It doesn’t happen everytime so I think it probably tracks a bit after it’s thrown, so if you dodge too close to it, the thing just follows you.
-Sidleable edges are a little hard to see.
-Maybe locked doors should be shown on the map, along with the name of the key you need to open it.
-You can equip but can’t use an Offhand Weapon if your Main Weapon is two handed. (ex: dual daggers + bow). It is a bit confusing because you also can’t toggle to another weapon initially (since you have to unlock the slot later)
-Dismemberment is cooooooool!! First time I cut a dude in half I was very satisfied
-Exploration is incredible. Specially verticality. Very satisfying too. Sadly most chests I opened didn’t have anything interesting inside.
-Stacks do not mix themselves when there is room. (ex: A full stack of Artemisia Herbs is 20. If you pick more it fills another inventory slot. If you use the herbs in cooking, it seems to take from your biggest stack. And now you have 2 stacks that aren’t combined automatically and aren’t full. Pressing the Sort button also doesn’t fix it)
-Everything visual or sound based in this is pretty much perfect.
-Combat feels very good but I think the way it shows you’re out of stamina could be better? I was often confused by which bar showed my stamina or how much I was using/had available to attack/roll. I don’t know how to explain. I know which bar I should look at but it was…weird? Wish I could explain it better. But it didn’t feel right visually.
-The cutscenes, voice acting, lip sync…hmmmmhhhmm chefs kiss. Honestly.

Can I marry Odessa? She is cute af.

I played very little. 5 hours and got to level 5, barely interacted with the city systems but I wanted to write this “first impressions” feedback. But overall I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to play some more.
Thanks for reading.