20 hours in - Feedback, suggestions and QoL ideas

20 hours in, beaten what I guess is the end of the EA campaign, (assuming introduction to “that (endgame?) system” is the end) so I’m gonna keep this as focused as possible.

I’ll just gloss over the visuals & gameplay department with just this: Epic. I think I speak for most people having gotten to play this so far, or even watched it.

To keep on topic though, here’s what I’ve found that could perhaps be added/changed:

  • Performance, though I’m aware the devs ARE aware - is not great… at all. I know this is in EA but still putting this in here to stress this as much as possible. I really really hope traversal stutters and unexplained fps dips are gone by the time the game launches. Too much of a detriment for a game like this to play with frames that are all over the place.

  • Camera zoom-in option would be great, even if there was only one more zoom level or something (like in Diablo games). I found myself constantly wishing I could check out my character and the detailed vicinity up close, alas I couldn’t! Perhaps the zoom could also be used during dialogue for extra immersion?

  • Surfaces with reflective properties (metallic objects etc.) need juuust a little more “oomph” to pop out more. For example most metallic objects are a bit hard to tell apart from objects of other materials, simply due to the strictly stylized aesthetic of the game. This makes things like swords not "shine’ enough when viewed side-by-side to, say, a vibrant cloth. All I’m getting at is that by increasing the reflective property of metallic objects (only a bit) maybe it’d help make those really stand out.

  • Body anatomy of the player characters needs a bit of an adjustment. This is indeed a matter of personal taste but I distinctly remember picking a female body type which looked ok in character creation and suddenly during gameplay my arms seemed to be approximately twice the size of the ones I saw initially, reaching well under my shins. Maybe a bug because there’s a similarity between male and female skeletons in-game or both are using the same skeleton? Can’t really tell.

  • Ability to preview a home’s interior before purchase?

  • Option to toggle “pick-up decoration” prompts when in the house? Would make it easier to traverse between dense furnishings and feel even more immersive/unobtrusive as well.

  • Needed description of what a weapon ability/rune does via inventory menu.

  • Some enemies drop to their death in chasms or unreachable terrain. That loot even if you kill them ranged, is essentially gone. Similarly, sometimes when breaking down ore deposits or cutting down trees, the resulting item drop will occasionally roll down a steep slope well out of reach. What I’m getting at is that due to luck (physics) alone you WILL occasionally lose loot. Any way to fix that or is this intended?

  • Enemy firebombs seem to have an inconsistent AoE radius, many times catching me by surprise as I was sure I rolled out of reach. Maybe they need some looking into.

  • Attack hitboxes also seem to be somewhat unreliable in general. Mostly wide enemy attacks like sweeps, seem to reach a bit further than what the enemy model is physically reaching at.

  • Stashed items like resources should be available to draw from when donating on city repairs or crafting. No reason whatsoever that I gotta run back to that rookery spiral (or any storage chest) just to get 5 clay. It’s simply tedious and unfun.

  • When interacting with NPCs, dialogue should commence immediately rather than waiting for their “turning to face the player” animation to play first. Gets tiring and old fast having to watch that slow guard lady turn back & forth from me as I am trying to exhaust her dialogue.

  • Transmog system in the works? Would be a great addition.

  • Beastiary with lore & details on strengths and weaknesses? We’d get more insight per enemy the more we kill them.

  • Custom number & sequence of assignable items on quicklsot? Currently the more items I’m carrying the more detrimental it is for me to cycle between them during combat. Their sequence gets screwed up and I often can’t pay enough attention or react in time to an enemy coming at me while I’m cycling through consumables. I’d like to at least be able to assign only a few from my inventory.

  • Re-bindable keys please.

  • Buy-back for vendors would also be appreciated.

  • Player character should also be animated during cutscenes like other NPCs. Currently the player just stands there idle, breathing menacingly like a robot while everyone else talks and moves about normally.

  • Gear piece variations for extra customization? Specifically, close-faced helms like Sacrament Guard helm would be great if they could be also worn open-faced. Outfits which feature cloaks should also have a cloak toggle. Things like that would add a ton to customization. Could just come in the form of a unique in-menu toggle for gear pieces that support it.

  • Came across a “focus regeneration” affix on a plagued claymore. Apparently the focus regeneration is so slow you may as well sit in town for about an hour (or two) before you see your bar get filled. That’s with just 10 focus/unleveled.

This is everything so far, will update if I think of something else.