First feedback with suggestion after 20hrs

Hello, Let me first give you some context. I’m 3D environment artist in video games and or VFX industries, so I love to just move around, look the setdressing, check textures, particules, animations, micro details, level design etc etc… that’s why I’m not too far in the game, but just enough I think to make a post. I will probably post new feedback

The Pros:

  • The graphic style of the map is top-notch, the hand drawn map style is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
  • The art direction is superb, even if a tad too “dark” at the beginning of the game. [EDIT] It’s brighter now on the boats since the patches.
  • The animations are superb; you can feel the weight in the weapons blows, and you can feel also when you’re light or heavy (and I understand there may not have been time to make animations for NPCs).
  • I like that you don’t easily have the option to test other weapons for free. For example, I’ve maxed out in strength, so I can’t see how good a katana is.
  • I like the inventary size, you need to make a choice when you upgrade your character.
  • I like the Enchant system, it feel like gambling a bit!
  • The rain is amazing, just on bad thing is, still raining inside Gordon’s kitchen.

The Cons:

  • Feedback: We can’t push NPCs. They only have one line of dialogue, and it’s very annoying to have the same dialogue every time. Also, they never move, except maybe 10% of them. At night, they could at least sleep, which would make the experience less uncanny.
    Suggestion → Introduce NPC interaction with expressions, akin to the Fable franchise.

  • Feedback: The use of the stove isn’t very interesting; waiting 8 minutes for a steel ingot versus buying it for 20 coins, I’ll probably just buy it.
    Suggestion → Increase the cost of ingots to incentivize stove usage. Same applies to the sawmill.

  • Feedback: Fishing isn’t appealing. Too uninteresting.
    Suggestion → Consider adding a bestiary or fishing competition… …idk. Additionally, enhance the fishing mechanic.

  • Feedback: HDR is present, and thank you for that! But it’s too dark on an LCD screen, it’s generally too dark (I’ve tried many in-game and screen settings).

  • Feedback: It’s a bit frustrating not being able to move/rotate the camera around the character to see the environment from a different angle.
    Suggestion → Allow a slight movement for a parallax effect. Input could be on the right joystick outside combat/consumable selection.

  • Feedback: The explanations of mechanics cannot be reread.
    Suggestion → Implement a menu tab for reviewing introduced mechanics.

  • Feedback: The endurance, health, and focus meters next to the character are not easy to understand with the initial explanation windows.
    Suggestion → Consider adding circles next to the explanation for better understanding. Also, improve visibility and provide visual or sound feedback nearing gauge depletion.

  • Feedback: Always having an indication window saying you can “longer” every wall/collider is very disturbing during exploration.
    Suggestion → Limit the frequency of the indication or provide an option to toggle it off.

  • Feedback: I very often got mixed up when exiting the menu to get to the “pre-menu” when pressing (start).
    Suggestion → Remove the mini-menu when exiting the main menu.

Obvious Feedback Galore:

We can’t read the runes or know what they’re for.
We can’t sort our inventory, move items manually.
We can’t deposit or place everything in a chest. A classic and useful mechanic!

Suggestion → Allow crafting without prerequisites in the inventory and treat items in chests within a defined perimeter as if they were in the inventory.


All good points! I second this, it would be a huge QoL boost.

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