~8h player review and suggestions

Ok, I have played this game a little and here are some of my impressions and bugs I found.

The good:

  • Very nice art style and graphics
  • Quality voice acting
  • Cool fighting system

The not-so good and bugs:

  • Jumping puzzles (like the one in bloom caves. Died like 15 times just to get to the other side)
  • First repairs cost 0 and at first I did not even push that button cuz I thought I do not need repairs, but I was wrong. You should put some kind of info about how many repairs points shall be repaired even if it costs 0.
  • Running around the same places (around town) you hear the same NPC lines over and over again. There could be some more lines for them to say or just stay silent on random.
  • The mouse cursor in game is the windows default one :slight_smile:
  • Also there is very little to do with mouse. It works only in few instances. Maybe make some on-hover action with it to make it not so detached from rest of the game? (I know you think it should be played with controller, but there are many like me that will never use controller in our lifetime).
  • In sewers I got behind first door without a key - just somehow tried to hit the door (because it looks as it barely holds together) and glitched myself inside.
  • In sewers - the first fishlike guy on the left bottom in map could not attack me while I was in the tunnel. Just killed it because of my weapon reach.
  • RPG usually means there should be some choices to be made in conversations and some extra info gathered by being curious, but it is not the case here. The story is fine and all, but extra info gives immersion into this world. I wanted to ask more questions about the city or the plague or the politics in this fantasy world. It should have a great background info to be alive. So - it would mean for you to make lots of voice acting (that is awesome) and dialogue options.
  • Random enemy encounters. I think you should put some small chance for some enemies to appear even in cleaned out regions. Like - i kill them all but after coming back from the city some (very few) new enemies show up, giving me the immersion in bandit raiding parties and just world being alive.
  • Not sure about itemization so early in the game, but I would dial it down even more - especially blue and cursed items. Let us grind for them a little.
  • resource management is a bit of a nightmare - hard to know what to take and what not to take cuz of limited space in bags. Maybe put food in consumables tab?
  • Few places where I kind of fall over the edge but land on a small ledge so that my only choice is just to keep on falling to my death. You can probably clip those edges off - makes no difference anyways.
  • The UI in some places seems a bit clunky but it seems that people in this forum already gave some advice
  • Zone info like (Safe, Dangerous) is not understandable. Should it display if there are enemies or the toughness of them? I have seen only 2 options in those zone info and first time i saw Dangerous I thought I am in a high lvl area, but it was alright so what is it exactly? If it would be that there is no enemies it is also false cuz there are enemies in Safe areas as well - especially if you take up quests.

So - that is what I can tell you after 8h of gameplay. Will probably give some more insight after another 8 or 16 hours.

In short- you guys are doing a good job I think, but for it to be full RPG, it needs more immersion into the world, ever more randomness so it does not grow old (maybe even chest locations in random, enemy placement, food, trees etc.). Your big strength is art style, quality voice acting, souls-like fighting and I very much hope that itemization as well, cuz if you can get top tier items in playing less then 200h then it is too easy - D2 itemization for the win!

Keep up the good job!