Initial thoughts after 7 hours

It’s a good game but I am fighting the fps more than I am the mobs or bosses currently on a Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 6700 XT.

The Ori series had a beautiful world I wanted to explore and discover, it also ran like a dream. In Wicked I am constantly awaiting the next push off the edge by mobs that I didn’t see or don’t seem to use the same rule set as the player and the lower fps don’t help.

This isn’t an ARPG like Diablo but has much more swayed into the hardcore soulslike genre that will put many people off. I would tone the difficulty down a touch and rethink the loss of durability for dying.

I did play quite a few hours last night but you can tell you’ve been working in the developer bubble with little input from the outside world hence the Mixed steam reviews.

I hope you can turn this around to make it palatable for more people to play and enjoy. It has massive potential but needs quite a bit of work to bring it up to the high standards of the Ori games,

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