Never again enchantments

I just ruined my +3 claymore with an enchantment. I got +14% „Seuchenschaden“ (dk how its called in english) and -45 healing efficiency….
14% of nothing and 45% of „ruin my game“.
The weapon is now worthless…
It should be possible to reroll the outcome f.e. with rising costs if necessary. But more fairness would be highly appreciated!

But that’s the whole point in enchanting - you gamble for a RNG outcome.

You’re far better of just slotting runes in normal items and then upgrading those. I personally sell every purple item I get from drops, as I have no interest in a negative effect whatsoever, and bc I want to have control over my items in terms of power/runes etc. and at the same time I make lots of coins/silver also by selling.

I’m at endgame doing Crucible, still have a hammer with firethrow I got from the beginning, upgraded to max, slottet in other powerful runes/gems and it just melts.

But to each his own, we like different things for different reasons, I understand your point and the frustration from it, this was just my take on it.


No one minds random results when enchanting. You can simply give the opportunity to enchant more than once.

What will be the difference between a random result on a new weapon and a random result on an already enchanted one, but with an increased cost, for example? Only in the time you spend searching for the right white item.

I use dual daggers, I haven’t seen them in drops since early levels. From time to time I can buy myself the same daggers (Brothers…) they are not even on sale.

The same goes for stones and runes - they can and should be removed and replaced.

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I like it, but I would get rid of the
-lose gold on hit/death
-lose exp on hit/death

The odds of anyone willing to make that sacrifice is just too low.
Then again, it’s not very clear how much gold/exp you lose, so perhaps it’s not as bad as it sounds

I have this kind of armor. But it gives me good HP regeneration.

No experience is lost from dying from a fall, only during combat.
Once I even fought in the mountains with two opponents and fell by accident - I didn’t lose any experience.

It was a shame a couple of times, I lost experience, but I think that’s normal.
I can’t say how much experience is lost. It seems that about 5%, 1-2 opponents

Nice to see that gems can nicely overcome enchant efficiency. Do they offer some of the followings:

  • HP regen
  • Focus regen
  • HP steal on hit ?

I only saw it on cursed gear, but it’s really nice for healing, and i would like to build a healer, one that doesn’t heal with food :grin:

I agree…

Exp/gold loss is completely brutal and punishing in the earlygame, especially when you are still learning the game.

On the flip side, they are completely overpowered in the lategame (max level / no money problems). You get the benefits of a cursed item, without the downsides.

Well maybe its okay to brick an item in the early/midgame, when you can do the opposite in the lategame, from a balance perspective… But I feel it’s an additional barrier for entry we don’t need.

I had to change my playstyle from daggers to sth else, because i got exp loss on them… Which made them unusable (for my untrained hands). And I loved the playstyle.

Highly recommend (if you haven’t already) upgrading the enchanter to T3 - she will offer far better runes to slot in gear, the same goes for the vendor selling gems also, get him to T3

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I like it the way it is. I think it’s pretty cool to gamble on enchants. I always keep whatever I’m using out of the mix, and wait until something rolls nice enough for me to replace it.

I’ve had no issues with the system.

I DO think that each time you start one of these processes for new accounts (with tutorials enabled) that they should walk you through it with a trash weapon just so you fully understand the entire process, though. That way new people won’t be startled and despair the first time.

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I disagree, I think the item system design is good, with some minor problems in balancing.

While enchanting item you just roll a dice, when you don’t have spare weapon/armor part, you can just wait with enchantment for later as game doesn’t force you to do this thing early on.

If negative effects would have small numbers, purple items would be superior in every way, well they already are in late game as exp loss doesn’t matter here at all. To be fair I think some of them do not punish you enough like gold loss on death, you can have few items with this effect equipped and it doesn’t ruin your economy in any significant way

And on top of that you can still play around effects like healing reduction after unlocking 2nd equipement slot, just swap weapon, heal and then you can go back.

Overall I think this is one of the best designs when it comes to different color items in games, as all items have their place. The problem I have with it is proper balancing as some effects are way too powerfull at certain points in the game.

How do I unlock a second weapon slot?

no one says anything against the system. Find me one weighty argument why I can’t re-enchantment the item if the result didn’t suit me? What will be the difference between re-enchanting and finding a new item to enchant once? Besides wasting time

kill bosses, get blood, open a slot. You have a quest for this (is or will be)

I think getting right rolls for your build would be trivialized too much.
For one person it’s waste of time, for other a reason to keep playing.

As of right now it’s a choice that can bring heavy consequences, having option to reroll enchant few times would reduce importance of your decisions and getting perfect rolls would be too easy.
Finding weapons with perfect rolls is what drives people to play hundred of hours in the end game.

And even if you roll some bad stats on your favourite weapon, you can play around that with your other equipment and playstyle.

In the end it’s animation based combat so the most important thing is the moveset of weapons you are using, therefore you are completely fine with running around with white weapons.

We take a white item, enchant it - shit. We throw it away. We are looking for a new white item…

For example, for 15 lvls (from about 5 to 21), I did not receive a dual dagger drop. I’ve seen it on sale 3 times, maybe a little more. And it turns out that for lvl 21 I have the opportunity to look and choose from ~ 5

The second situation. We find a white item, enchant it for 1 silver - shit. We re-enchant for 2 silver - other shit. We re-enchant it for 5 silver… etc

Finally, the price will become too high and you will stop doing this, returning to the first option. But you will have the opportunity to try to pick up a weapon for yourself. And by the way, every re-enchant carries a risk, you don’t know which dagger will turn out next. Maybe it will turn from purple to blue…

A bit like D4 rerolling, but for the entire item instead of for 1 stat

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