Need inventory system overview ASAP

2 hours in, great potential, love your work - keep it up.
Cool combat, hits feel great. Well executed soulslike overall.
Amazing music, 10/10 visuals.

Need fast travel between the blue watchamacallits. Nvm, I reached the city while writing the post, you’re off the hook with this one, I guess.

And this needs to go:

(description: cropped screenshot of "Not enough space in your resource inventory)
Gathering materials in game like this is an… interesting choice?
But a limited (and such a restricting) space in the “resource inventory” is ridiculous.
I managed to fill it up completely before the first boss?
I don’t even know what the materials are yet and what are they for and already do I have to leave some of them on the ground.
Like… WHY?
Where have you seen a soulslike with Inventory management restrictions?
Or did you actually play Souls 0-4 and thought “That was fun, but you know what? I hate that I didn’t have to run to town every 20 minutes to leave my Titanite Shards”???

EQ screen sucks.
I’m no UI/UX expert so I’m not sure why, but it’s terrible. One of the worst ones I’ve seen my entire life and I’ve played video games for 20 years now.
Lack of “compare window” (the one that pops up next to the item you’re inspecting and lets you… y’know ACTUALLY COMPARE the item with the one’s that equiped?) is definitelly a part of that.
The way inventory (bag/backpack/storage) and equipment are on the same grid feels counter-intuitive.

Town’s huge and hard to navigate.
And you seem to know this… because we can build shortcuts…?
Why? Why would you create a intentionally hostile hub?

Bindings - now I’m veering strictly to a personal preferences (I know all of this is opinion, but… Like, I’m decently sure that this view on limited inventory is also a valid point at least to some extent).
This game is a soulslike, it shares some mechanics and inputs with soulslikes.
I find myself dodging against chests to open them (“A” on xbox pad opens chests in souls, and is a at least somewhat common general interaction button in games) and being asked if I want to destroy an items when trying to un-equip it.
Minor, not even sure an issue at all, just putting it out there in case someone reads this.

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They’re working on most of these. Only one I’m not sure of is reducing the lengthy walking in town for highly essential locations

I wish they were really working on this man. Something that I really despise of devs from different gaming companies when they release full price games or early access games is that they like to focus on nerfing stuff instead of focusing on the important matters, like performance or inventory management I am saying this because how come is more important to punish the player with stamina consumption when parrying with a weapon (very dumb and dogshite imo) or the wonderful idea of introducing a parry mechanic but then ohh sorry you are not allowed to parry and stagger this specific boss?? thats more dogshite especially for devs that stated that they took inspiration from fromsoftware. Game is amazing but when they start messing in a very stupid way with the core mechanics of the game instead of fixing what is important is just dissapointing for me. I really hope you are right saying they are actually working on improving the inventory management that is actually a really nice quality of life for everyone.