Inventory management is too tedious

Inventory in this game is too smal compared to the amount of stuff you get exploring. A tab is going to be always full forcing you to teleport back in town to get rid of some stuff. Problem is… is happening to quickly.
I’m 5 hours in and i’m alreay tired to go back in town every 10 minuts because one of the inventory tab is full.
I know that is possibile to unlock other slots, i have unlocked 5 more armor slots already, but this are not even close to be enough.

ARPG style inventory for souls like IMHO is a bad choice. And is tedious even for and ARPG considered the fact usually you can teleport back and fort to any location on the spot in other games.

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Yeah, some more inventory slots from the start would be nice. Not being able to travel back to the community chest to store things quickly makes managing the inventory a bit tedious. Maybe it would be fine if the community chest was close to the Sacrament Cerim fast travel point…