Inventory and Bags - system way to tedious and cluttered

Hello, I’ve completed the available campaign content and it’s time for the endgame, which means I need to level more and grind some better gear. So, I head toward Mariner’s Keep for a bounty, farming on the way, and before I get halfway there, BOOM, mats bag completely full. Now if that just meant a quick trip back to town to right click my bag into a chest, no problem. But that’s not the case. I have to go back run to the house, then to the vendor (to buy more 10 slot chests) then back to the house, look through all my existing chest to make sure I’m stacking the 100 different types of materials properly, then I can get back to grinding. The problem is, most of the time I have to spend more time organizing materials and running back and forth between the vendor and my house than actually playing the game.

Here’s a few suggestions I think might help:

  1. Stash Space (THIS IS A MUST FOR ME) - Make storage chests bigger. Make it so you can buy a 10 slot chest then increase the size by buying additional space or tabs. I don’t have any furniture in the house I bought because the walls are completely lined with 10 slot chests. Having just 1 or 2 chests would make organizing a quicker, much simpler task. I currently have to look through each chest when placing mats or getting mats out to upgrade or craft something. This is incredibly annoying. Not like dying to a boss 10 times annoying. The end result of that is I feel that much better when I finally down the boss. It’s annoying as in a “why am I spending so much time doing this tedious task when I bought the game to play it” kind of annoying. If you do nothing else, PLEASE FIX THIS.

  2. Bag space - Make it so you can buy bag space with currency or buy bigger bags. I need that blood ichor for an extra main hand slot (so I can try out different weapons without having to do the running back and forth thing), and I also need that third ring slot. I’m not spending 1 of the 3 blood ichor I get on bag space.

  3. Make fewer types of materials with bigger stacks - 20 per stack of materials is pretty small. Most ARPGs allow you to stack 50 to 100. This would help with inventory and bag space. Also, the number of different types of materials is almost overwhelming (however would be much more tolerable if you fixed suggestion 1). You collect the mats you need to upgrade while looting and searching so that aspect of the game wouldn’t change. It would mean less to remember when running back and forth between the vendor and the stash.

Fixing this system is definitely make or break for me. Searching all the 10 slot chests for the materials I need, just to run to the vendor and find out I forgot 1, then having to run back to the stash and back to the vendor again is just too time consuming. I want to spend more time slaying monsters, looting and exploring than staring at my 5 gear material chests pondering if I really want to look through them all again to find the ‘x’ thing I need.

You really have an amazing game going. The visuals and art style are stunning, the combat is smooth, engaging, and challenging with a learning curve, and a good story to boot (I want to find out what happens with Odessa). Please don’t ruin an otherwise amazing game with a cluttered clogged up inventory system.


For me I really think that the system existing in the first place is bad, having a infinite inventory like one in dark souls would be better, housing being optional would be better, just some place to call yours and decorate, maybe some amor stands to display different sets, but having to manage inventory and chests, going back and forth beetwen house and merchants, or back to sacrament while I’m in the middle of exploring, it’s just boring. I feel like most of these survival game elements are really bad, like in V Rising, the combat of the game is interesting, but the base building and grinding for resources being a thing I must do to progress in the game made me quit playing it.

Too few items fit into the slots. really Need to increase from 20 to 50 - 100

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