My impression and feedback after 11h of gameplay

So first of all, as an avid fan of previous games of Moon Studios and a lover of fromsoft games with at least 1,5k hours if not more across the fromsoft franchise i must say i almost everything regarding the combat with only minor inconveniences
One is the Stamina being really hard to see at times, i guess it could use some kind of outline plus a brighter or more noticeable colour. OR just put it where the Health bar is, there is really no point for it being next to the character imo as you will always pay attention to your health you might aswell just pay attention to that corner in general with the Stamina.
Another visual issue is the lockon symbol which is just as the stamina icon very hard to see.
Apart from that i dont have any other issues with combat and really dig it so far.

Bigger issues in my opinion are inventory management, especially in the material department. Its really tedious to alway go to your chest, decide what you need right now and what not, go to a vendor to use said stuff, maybe realize you need something else or dont need it at all and going back to the chest and so on. This could be improved in several ways, one being the chest acting globally for crafting or upgrading so you dont have to have it in your inventory to use it.
Also the Material items being limited to 20 a stack seems a little low and in the end it feels like you are getting punished for exploring and looting a lot. The whole running around just feels tedious, especially combined with the limited fast travelling. Examples on how to do it differently: abolish limited inventory or at least make it less strict (Souls games basically have infinite inventory and surplus gets stored in an infite chest automatically) or make fast travelling more convenient (for example Diablo has town scrolls so you can go back from any point and sell or store your stuff).
The community chest is limited, which is fine i guess as you can add chests later in your house but im stacked on everything and had to sell materials to even loot more at a point in the game where i didnt even have a house.

Another huge thing is waiting times on building??? That honestly straight up sucks, its not engaging in any way, feels frustrating especially when you have to farm stuff to even be able to build something. You should be rewarded with the benefits of a building after farming and not have to wait 4h real time?!??! Feels like some Clash of Clans type stuff lmao.

Traversal and exploration is a huge thing in No Rest and i hecking love it, but there has to be some tweaking to either jumping off ledges or at least to the fall damage you receive. Like of course you shouldnt be able to jump down anywhere but you accidentally sprint for a moment too long and straight up yeet to death, 90% of my deaths are to gravity and they didnt feel like a huge skill issue but rather just annoying and overly punishing, especially combined with the fast travelling system when you forgot to choose another Cerim Whisper and land like fuck where.

Cerim Whispers in general are not really that great of a concept, i guess the point is to have the player engage more with the world instead of just teleporting everywhere but the teleport being bound to the last whisper feels odd. I would suppose adding like special whispers which act as general fast traveling points (they dont have to be super abundant so you still have to traverse the world and engage with it ) and have normal whispers just act as checkpoints and maybe points where you can port back to Sacrament.
The way they are now they just feel like dumbed down mix of bonfires and town scrolls with the unnecessary desire to be different.

Thats all i can say off the top of my head, good experience overall with a decent amount of polishing that needs to be done to make it a great experience. Love your work guys, keep going!

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