Detailed Feedback After 40 Hours

I really, really enjoy this game. I am having an absolute blast with the combat and have played it pretty much not stop since release despite some pretty heavy performance issues on day 1 (which I soon fixed by rolling back my drivers). But that being said, there are many areas that I do not think are working right now and could be improved.

After 40 hours of gameplay, I (to my knowledge) have completed every part of the game that is currently available multiple times, aside from fully upgrading Sacrament. I thought I’d offer some detailed feedback on what I think works well and some grievances I have with the game.

The difficulty, enemies and bosses - As a veteran of the Souls genre, having played every modern FromSoft game with over 1,000 hours clocked up through all the games, I was very happy with the difficulty of this game, it is in a good spot at the moment. Standard enemies can be quite punishing if you make mistakes, but not to a point of feeling unfair, and most attacks are well-telegraphed and predictable. Non-endgame bosses at the moment feel a little too easy, particularly The Riven Twins, I feel that these bosses could benefit from an HP buff of some kind. I was very happy with the difficulty (and the fight in general) of the Echo Knight, this guy kicked my ass many, many times and was extremely satisfying when I finally beat him. I had a couple of issues with the first phase. 1 being the size of the AOE fire did not seem to match the hitbox (which was patched in a hotfix thank you Moon) and the charge attack hitbox can be quite unfair. If you get caught in the charge it is very possible to die in 1 hit from full HP, this happened on my first attempt right at the start of the fight and on quite a few subsequent attempts. Overall, I am quite happy with the difficulty, please don’t make the game easier!

The combat:

General thoughts - I enjoyed the combat of the game quite a bit, attacks feel weighty, have impact and can be very visceral. I have heard some people complain about being locked into animations, but this is why I love souls-like combat. Moment-to-moment decisions matter, a lot, attack when you should have rolled and you will be punished, heal when the enemy is attacking and you will be punished. Being able to cancel an attack animation by spam rolling or being able to cancel a heal will encourage the player to spam and not really think about which action they should do next.

Stamina - Initially on day 1 I had some issues with stamina. I felt like I did not have enough stamina to account for the length of enemy attack combos, and thus stamina was my main focus whilst levelling up. After the stamina balance update, I feel the combat is in a much better place, I have just enough stamina to do what I need whilst still having to actively balance it. I do not think this takes away from the difficulty of the combat, but just a balance change.

Backstabs - Thank you for including an icon that indicates whether I am in a backstab position or not, this is incredibly useful and removes a lot of the frustration that comes with Souls backstabs. That being said, I do find the position of backstabs to be quite inconsistent, a lot of times I feel like I should be in a backstab position but no icon and no backstab. Particularly after a shield enemies shield charge attack; I find quite often that I am either circling more towards their shoulder or having to make little movements behind them waiting for the icon to appear.

Parrying - Parrying at the moment has the opportunity to be extremely overpowered if you stack multiple “damage on parry” buffs, but this is just general balance that I’m sure you will address later down the line. The timing on parries is very precise at the moment, I find myself having a lot of trouble consistently parrying enemies’ attacks and more often than not it feels like luck rather than skill. Parrying should be quite hard to do, I love the risk reward element associated with the mechanic, but I feel some adjustments to the parry frames could be beneficial.

Healing - I am personally not a fan of limited healing items. For most of the game, I think the cooking system is fine, but during difficult boss fights it becomes quite annoying. Running out of healing items and being forced to farm or buy more from town is an unnecessary annoyance. Adding a healing flask that always has a minimum number of charges that replenishes on death could really help to improve this. We already essentially have “unlimited” healing (or the potential for unlimited) with the food, with the timer between being the balancing factor. So, adding in a guaranteed “you will always have at least this amount of healing” for every life wouldn’t throw off the balance. I’m sure all veteran Bloodborne players have had to stop fighting Ludwig or Orphan to go and farm blood vials for half an hour. It isn’t fun, it isn’t necessary and it can so easily be avoided.

This could even be upgraded with Ichor or another resource. Important to note, I do NOT think this should replenish when interacting with a Whisper (like it does with a bonfire in souls) with no enemy respawning or rest mechanic, this flask should only replenish on death

Weapons, stats, requirements, scaling and loot:

Weapon stats - I find the stats associated with weapons to be quite odd and out of place. Many weapons that require magic based stats do not offer anything “magical” they simply scale in those stats and do not deal magical damage. For example, this regular kite shield needs a whopping 22 faith to use but offers no magical properties or abilities. If you are not running a faith build this can be extremely annoying to see as this is a significant upgrade over a tier 1 shield but utterly useless for most players.

In general, a lot of the stat requirements seem out of place, equal strength required for a pair of daggers, dex required for a slow club over strength, faith required on a shield etc. This below weapon, is a good example of a magic scaling weapon as it has the magical ability ice throw. However, I still find the requirements to be odd. I think every melee weapon should require strength AND dex to use but not always scale in both stats and only infrequently as equal requirements. For example, a dagger would require the base or below strength offering a very little amount of scaling and require a lot more dex and offer more scaling in dex. If they are magical, they should require the associated magic stat. Take the Astora’s Straight Sword from DS1 for example, it requires 10 str, 10 dex, and 14 faith. It offers magical damage and scaling, hence the faith requirement, but this requirement isn’t leagues higher than the base stats. If a weapon is quite slow and heavy, then str should be the primary stat, if it is smaller and fast, dex should be primary. If it offers magical properties then int or faith. And if it is a staff or a bow, then, yes higher int only or dex only would be appropriate.

The below weapon is the best example in game of how it should be handled, it is a slow and heavy weapon so requires strength and has a fire throw attack so also requires faith. I personally do not like the equal stats, in this case I think maybe the faith requirement should be raised and the strength lowered to 10 whilst still scaling in both but primarily faith.

And this weapon below is my biggest example of how NOT to handle it. Seriously, 26 faith and 26 int for a completely normal curved sword? WHY?! I don’t think int and faith should be a common combination and I certainly do not think they should be the only 2 stats for a melee weapon and not require dex. You can certainly have int and faith as a requirement but not to this absurdly high standard. If I was creating this sword, I would require 16 dex and 12 strength, with a primary scaling stat being in dex (these are just ballpark figures that I feel are appropriate and based on my history with souls games). And if I wanted it to be magical, I would add one magic stat and replace slashing pirouette with a magical runic attack.

My biggest issue with stat requirements is that they are unreasonably high.

The above weapon was the first unique/legendary weapon I found and thus was very excited to use it as it was the same weapon type as my current one. Then I read the stat requirements. I can’t remember what level I was at this point, but this dropped from killing Sewer Darak as my second boss in the game (not counting bridge Darak), in order to use this weapon I would need to dump 8 full levels into strength and faith, with the faith offering no benefit to my current build and ignoring health, stamina and equip load. With 30 being the current level cap, that is almost a third of my total levels, but made even worse as by the time I had killed the Riven Twins and unlocked the endgame I was only level 16. So, half of all of my levels would need to be spent on using this weapon that I may or may not even like to use it for the endgame. A weapon I received after killing the first major boss! And it isn’t only on unique weapons, many ordinary weapons also suffer from the same issue.

I think that these “skill” stats should not be used to so harshly gate weapons, but instead increase the amount of scaling damage to heavily incentivise players to level up these stats. I think this gives the player a lot more freedom of choice but also incentivises them to create a particular build. Weapon stats are currently my biggest problem with the game, I really hope some changes are made here.

Scaling - I think the way scaling is currently implemented is too basic. Having every weapon scale the same way with the same modifier reduces variation in weapons and doesn’t incentivise us enough to level scaling stats or use weapons specifically for the best scaling that fits an individual build. Having some weapons scale significantly in dex, but only a little bit in strength or greatly in faith and a little in dex I believe is a better way to handle skill stats than heavy gated requirements. Maybe implementing a similar system to the S - E system in Dark Souls (where S is the best scaling and E is the worst) would help out?

Loot and early build variety - I find the early game to be particularly restrictive, especially for dex players. I created a second character with the intention of running a dex build. The random starting weapon I received were the twin daggers. I tried these out for a bit and wasn’t really a fan. I had heard that the last patch added more weapons to the blacksmith’s shop so I intended to buy another basic dex weapon from him. When I get to his shop, I find he sells 4 strength weapons and only 1 dex weapon, the same weapon that I already had. This was quite frustrating as my options were to continue using the weapon I didn’t like, pray to the RNG gods (they did not answer) or switch builds. I ended up switching builds to use a strength weapon until I found a better dex weapon. I am now at the mountain pass on this character and have still yet to find one. Please either add more dex weapons to the blacksmith’s loot table or increase the drop rate of weapons in the early game.

I think the best way to solve this problem though would be implementing a soft-class system similar to Dark Souls. Giving players the ability to choose starting gear and stats would allow for more playstyles early on and improve replayability as you’d be able to start a new character with a unique playstyle than your last.

For example, you pick between a Warrior class that has extra str and less dex and has a str scaling weapon and a shield. Or a Mage class that has lots of magic, less str and dex and starts with a staff and magic scaling sword etc.


Equipment screen - There are quite a few small updates I would like to see on this screen. Most importantly, a comparison between equipped gear and selected gear. Right now, the only comparison made is between damage and poise damage, armour and poise, and resistances for rings, but only the first ring slot. A Diablo/PoE style comparison widget would be a great quality of life update. Basically, we see the card for the equipment we have selected on the left, then the card for the gear in the associated slot on the right allowing us to easily compare enchants, gems and other stats without having to switch back and forth. For rings, this should show every equipped ring not just one.

I would also like to see the scaling damage next to the weapons base damage. For example, 15 + 7 similar to how it is shown in Dark Souls. Yes, we can see the total damage at the bottom of the screen but it would be nice to see the individual damage and where it is coming from. Also, please add a counter for our total poise on this screen as I could only seem to find this value on the stats screen.

Cycling through consumables and quick slots - It can be very annoying to quickly find that blade oil you want to use, or the food that you want to eat when everything is displayed in the list. Please add a set of quick slots to the inventory where we can equip say 5 pieces of food and 5 items. Then when we hold either down or up on the d-pad we only see those equipped items allowing us to easily find what we need in a pinch.

Inventory and general grind:

Inventory and stash – Okay, so the thing that basically everyone is complaining about, and for good reason. I do not think that resources should take up inventory space (by resources I mean specifically CRAFTING resources) I can’t think of any other ARPG that does this. I think the ability to sell resources should be removed and resources should be sent to a magic resource inventory that has unlimited space and is separate form your main inventory. I see no benefit from limiting the number of resources you can hold; I see it as an artificial grind and simply makes players constantly return to town to stash their resources then warp back. Personally, I have my entire community chest filled with resources plus two additional chests in my house. This would also remove the need to have to run back and forth from my stash and my house looking for that one piece of clay I need to upgrade the smithy.
I want my stash to be full of useful things, such as other weapons, armour sets with different effects that I may want to use situationally, rings and spare consumables. With this, I think the stash could actually be decreased in size and the same for chest sizes so the player has to make more thoughtful decisions about what they want to keep and what they want to discard.
The gear and consumables inventory I think are fine as they are now. We should absolutely be limited in how many consumables we can carry around at once and if we could carry unlimited gear then there is nothing stopping us from collecting everything, selling it all and making a whole bunch of money reducing meaningful choices of what to keep and what to discard. E.g. keeping the expensive stuff and ditching the rest.

Wait timers - Why? Seriously, why are we forced to wait 1, 4, 8, 16, 24 (I don’t know how high this goes) hours in order to upgrade our town? This is not an MMO, this is not a survival game. For most people this will be a singleplayer game only. So why implement these mechanics into the game? Gathering the resources to upgrade buildings should already be enough of a time sink to unlock the upgrade, but being forced to wait even longer is just annoying. This is the main reason why I haven’t bothered to upgrade my town much. I loved upgrading the Glades in Ori 2, watching it go from a run-down place to a thriving village for the Moki was quite a satisfying experience. And through the upgrades we unlocked more of the map, sprit rewards, charms etc. I was very happy when I saw that a similar feature would be returning for NRftW during the reveal but the wait timers have killed a lot of my investment in that feature. I really hope that this feature gets changed, I understand that this was probably done for multilayer reasons, but as I said most (or at least a lot) of players will only play singleplayer, myself included. With the occasional multiplayer crucible run with a friend.

Plague ichor and inventory upgrades:

If I understand the lore correctly, the Cerim are a balance to the Pestilence. Not only are they immune to it, but they become stronger from it. So why does drinking what is essentially the blood of our fallen enemies, make our pockets a little bigger? It doesn’t resonate with the narrative and lore and is quite an underwhelming upgrade from defeating a boss. Why not instead offer permanent stat boosts, or let us pick from a set of passive skills? Something that implies we are made stronger from the plague. Inventory upgrades could just be given to the craftsman or blacksmith or use another special resource to upgrade.

General control feedback:

Rebindable keys and pause - So, I know you guys are already working on it but I can’t stress enough the importance of rebindable keys and pausing in a singleplayer game. Not only are bindable keys an essential quality of life feature, but also an essential accessibility feature. Not going to beat a dead horse, I know you’re working on this already I just wanted to stress the importance.

Separate sprint/roll and jump/climb - The B button literally does nothing in gameplay. Its only use is in the UI. Please change sprint/roll to be the B button by default as it is for basically every other game ever that uses a similar combat system. Dark Souls, Sekiro, Bloodborne, Lies of P etc. It’s like if suddenly the attack button was Y instead of X, it goes against what most gamers are going to expect the default control scheme to be. Also, there have been many occasions where I have jumped/rolled to my death whilst trying to climb. Adding a dedicated “Climb” button would be a massive QoL change and avoid these unnecessary deaths.

Fall damage - Fall damage is far too punishing and incongruent with the level design. The verticality in the level design is great, exploring the map and finding hidden routes is very satisfying. But in combat I am not encouraged to use this verticality to my advantage, in fact I am actively discouraged by the high fall damage. I think you should take a page out of Sekiro’s book and severely reduce fall damage. This would allow us to take advantage of the levels you have made and be far more creative in combat without having to worry about falling to our deaths. I would even advocate for the removal of “death by gravity” by adding a teleport back to the top on a severe fall leaving the player with very low HP (or if the player already has low HP then they should be killed). With the emphasis on platforming in the level design, gravity has been my biggest killer. I find the jumps to be quite frustrating and a teleport on critical fall mechanic would encourage me to explore even more whilst still punishing me for failing. It worked for Sekiro, I don’t see why it can’t work for Wicked as well.

Changed my mind on this point, I do not think that would be a good way to go for this game. I do still find the platforming to be problematic, but a better solution would probably be to just refine the platforming controls, increase in-air movement and maybe adjust the threshold for lethal falls.

A lot of my feedback is very negative. That doesn’t mean that I hate the game, in fact the opposite, I really like this game. If even some of these annoyances are addressed, I may even love the game. Thank you for all your hard work, Moon. I can’t wait to see how this game evolves.

EDIT: Spelling and grammar mistakes, proof reading is important lmao.
EDIT 2: Change to my point about fall damage.

EDIT 3: Since making this post, I have thought about a few more smaller things that I initially forgot to include. Below are some additional quick fire suggestions.

EDIT 4: Small change to make my position clearer on weapon stats.

EDIT 5: I think I initially over exaggerated the amount of fall damage taken and most of my complaints came from the day 1 build. After the curve was reduced, I find fall damage to be far more manageable. I still take issue with the platforming though, as there are still many instances where lethal falls can feel unfair, especially without a dedicated jump button.

EDIT 6: I think there may be some confusion with my point about healing. I am NOT advocating for the cooking system to be removed. The healing flask idea was simply so you will never truly run out of healing items during a boss fight and be forced to farm. I would prefer if food provided better healing and additional buffs as well to incentivise it over the flask. It is currently possible in the game to have a food inventory full of stacks of 20 of the best food. So adding in a guaranteed set of healing wouldn’t throw of the balance of having too many healing items. Having this many items is not going to be the case for the vast majority of players, most will probably run out at some point. Especially when the subsequent chapters are released. I’m sure Moon have some very challenging bosses in the works. I can absolutely see myself running out of food (as I did many times whilst running the crucible) then using this flask for the boss.

  • Allow us to enable a stamina bar under the health bar. At times, the stamina wheel can be quite hard to read clearly and my focus is usually on the enemy that I am fighting. I also find myself quickly glancing to the top left of the screen out of muscle memory from playing so much Souls. An optional stamina bar would be a great addition similar to enabling poise bars and damage numbers.

  • The focus UI and system needs some love. It is not always clear to see which target I have in focus, maybe increasing the size of the focus reticule or increasing the contrast would alleviate this issue. If I manually deselect a target, auto focus should not re-snap to that target. Finally, I find switching targets to be inconsistent. Often I find myself attacking the wrong enemy or attacking behind me as the game has targeted a different enemy.

  • Ledge grabs are very inconsistent. Often I find myself having to repeat a jump multiple times for my character to grab a ledge (most notable example is in the crucible room with the stone bridges) even though I am jumping from the same point every time (or close enough to the same point that it shouldn’t cause me to fail) Most of the time this is just a small annoyance but can have dire consequences if the fall is lethal.


I read your feedback and I strongly agree with you!
Hope your post will be seen, as it provides detailed impressions and good solutions for the issues you mentionned.

On my side I’ll continue to play more (10hrs atm) and will give a proper feeback as you did.
Have a good day!


Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to read it! Yes, I feel it’s good to offer potential solutions as well as explaining problems. Obviously I don’t expect Moon to implement those solutions to the letter, but I think it’s helpful to provide at least one example of how something can be improved.


Wow! I read your whole post and agree with everything (maybe except the falling teleport system - I enjoy the feeling of stress while fighting on a high place :slight_smile: )

Just wanted to thank you for taking so much time and effort for expressing all the right tips and feedback for the game we like.

Good work!

(Devs, do what he says! :slight_smile: )


Thank you for taking the time to read it!

I expected the fall damage point would be the most controversial. I believe with the lack of mid-air control and the isometric camera, platforming can feel quite unfair sometimes. Particularly, the cage jumps leading to the prison cell key in the Nameless Pass drove me insane. In general, I think falling should be less punishing and with quite a lot of platforming present, some changes should be made to lethal falls.


Thank you, good sir! You saved me so much time :slight_smile:
But there is still a lot of things to address. Planning to make a post in a couple days.

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That is brilliant idea!!! I hate to sate “estus flask” in every souls-like game, that one will have enough of estus, but won’t be estus. I like it

They are out of space, but I think there is reason behind it. I found a sword which only required intelligence and i thought “that’s genius”. Why? Because when u go for intelligence You become staff player, when focus runs out u are just a stick player. This allows you to cast some spells and when “mana” runs out You can switch into sword. So, using that example, the game doesn’t limit You into becoming mage, you can be wizard like Gandalf - Staff and Sword xD

I don’t like this thing from soulses, because it makes me think “what is current meta? Is my choice good or will I be stuck with lame class till the end of a game” Game being like Albion Online “U are character made of your equipment” is in my opinion very good playstyle. But there could be more weapons in shops, which require low stats to play. It would allow us to try different playstyles without class system

Again I disagree. It gives game more realism that You have to search through your pockets, so u have to take action:
-Get some distance
-Miss a chance to deal damage
-Find a thing which i need right now
-Use it
-Get back to find
As I said, more realism and little bit difficult, which in my opinion gives game more fun

Again the feature which annoys everyone makes me liking game more xD I think this feature makes you:
-Go back to town, so u can reset, upgrade, get more quest etc.
-Destroys concept of going in one adventure for everything and keeping it till the end of the game. That’s what made minecraft so boring. This feature makes you come back to places where You have been, think about what You value more right now

100% agree

Yeah It’s strange that makes our pockets bigger xD Still think it’s ok, because it makes upgrading your equipment unique, system which is new compared to other games.

That thing made me want to play a game!!! hahahah I thought it is so challenging to look on your opponent and then on you and try to see how much you have in a blink of an eye!!! It makes game more skilled (im not sure it’s the right adjective). It reminds me of looking every 3 second on minimap in League of Legends. A skill which player should learn, not the character.


Want to make clear something, when i don’t make comment means I agree 100% at this place! Great opinion, hope devs will see this thread!

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Thank you for your response! I really appreciate the disagreements as it keeps the conversation going. I thought I’d respond to some of your points and explain my position further.

I absolutely agree that a player should be able to create a sword and staff build, but to do that I think the player should be incentivised to level not just magic stats. For example, if you had a sword that had a dex requirement of 12 and an int requirement of 14 (or if it was a str based weapon replace dex with str) and primarily scaled in int. The player is more incentivised to level their int as a mage build, but in order to use a sword you must also be dexterous. So it adds a little bit more realism and immersion. Dexterity could also offer some other bonuses, for example in Elden Ring dexterity speeds up spell casting. Something similar could be implemented here (I would like to see some effects added to other stats as well) to incentivise the players to level different stats instead of them being forced requirements.

Or, when you infuse a sword with a gem that grants magical damage, this could also add int scaling to the weapon similar to Dark Souls 3 so you can use a sword but still have it scale with your build, but less than if it was a pure magical weapon.

I think everything you described also applies to having limited quick item space. You still have to search through your items but it is just made more convenient to do so. Typically, I make/buy the same 2/3 types of food so that they are all close to each other, the quick items would just make it easier for me to order them. I can quickly select items with the current system without disengaging, I am just forced to remember exactly where everything is in a longer list.

I disagree that this increases the realism I actually think it does the opposite. Think of the inventory as a backpack and quick items as pockets. Everything is stored in your backpack, but you choose to place the most important items in your pockets/pouches for easy access. Right now the system would indicate that you have gigantic pockets or are going through a backpack.

I completely agree that the player should have to return and not be able to carry all of their gear around all the time. I disagree when it comes to resources for a few reasons.

  1. We don’t always know if an item is valuable or not. My resource inventory is full and I stumble across a wolf claw. At this time, I have no idea that a wolf claw will be a resource that I need to upgrade my weapon so I’ll probably leave it on the ground. When I realise later that I needed it, I’ll probably have forgotten where I dropped it.

  2. I think having limited gear/item space is enough to achieve this sense of adventure and not carrying around everything with you, and with these you can make more meaningful choices. You know if something is immediately useful to you or not but you may have other useful things in your inventory at the moment. So your choice is to discard something you deem not as useful, return to town to store something or ignore the item. You don’t have to gamble on whether or not the item will be useful.

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If b button really does nothing in gameplay, I definitely agree they should make sprint and roll assigned to that button and leave A for jump, allowing us to manually jump at any point.


Great balanced feedback!

+1 for manual jumping with A!

Just a different opinion. As I go into the endgame, I realized that you don’t really a health potion. A lot of times it depends on the build, where you choose your form of sustain, like health regen, lifesteal, use focus. The experience in early game is definitely not the best, because we did run out of food when retrying too many times.
I just suggest to reduce the difficulty of the area before we reach sacrament until we have consistent food income. Or make food drop a lot more often from mobs.
The food system needs more love too, as I am comparing it to the potions in other ARPG. I’m not sure what’s the approach here, but include food in a build could be fun.

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“Particularly, the cage jumps leading to the prison cell key in the Nameless Pass”

wait you mean to tell me theres another way to get that key? i had to climb up to the top, near the end of the nameless pass when you can goto the church people to progress the story, and then you run all the way to right near the campire and down towards the screen, and at the end of the?..?i mean i wanna call it a plateau but its kind of like a path but in the air and it ends…you can drop down the pillar and work your way to the cage…

i have to go try this right now to see if i can find the way

I agree with most of your points and suggestions. The one about the weapon requirements in particular struck a chord with me. I made a post the other day and I listed a lot of the same or similar issues (weapon stats, locked-on reticle, stamina bar, rebindable keys, etc.). Yours is much more detailed though and really dives into some of the issues and explains why they’re issues, the weapon requirements and scaling in particular. Great job. =)

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Best feedback and i agree with almost everything. The scaling and attribute requirements for specific weapons have no thoughts in it. its like they just slam it all together and hope it will work.

There is undeniably an incredible amount of thought put into the game. I think ultimately their reasoning appears to be that theyd like there to be weapon types of all kinds in each stat spread. Still great feedback and curious to see how things will or will not change. I’m fine with it either way.

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  1. Do I understand it right: U mean that there shouldn’t be f.e. 22 int and 22 dex for using a sword for mage, instead there should be f.e. 28 int and 14 dex? If yes, that sounds really reasonable and i agree with that!!!

  2. Quickpockets: Your point is good, but closes a door for a new items that you just found and couldn’t fit into. “Searching backpack” during the battle requires find a moment when enemy is tired and take a step back, which sounds good for me. Sooo we just have different opinions on that :smiley:

  3. a) I think being forced to destroying item before knowing if it’s useful makes the game more fun and is important part of adventure. It is just risk, which makes, maybe it’s just me who likes taking a risk :smiley:
    b) It happend to me that i had other “pockets” full except the one with resources. It didn’t made me come back to town, because i had no need. Why would I come back if I have full pocket of things that I’ll use? Why would I come back if i had full pocket of items, which I will sell and take break from my adventure?
    On the other hand thinking that I must put down resources, so I can upgrade the city or my gear and come back to adventure makes me feel better, than being forced to come back in other way. (It was hard sentence to write for me xD if it is not uderstandable I can rewrite it)

I had the same reaction when i discovered it by myself hahahah

Good takes. I hope the developers will see this and take it into consideration. Especially the weapon bit.

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