My Feedback on Button Mapping System and Accessibility Features


My name is Francesco, but in the gaming world, I go by OneHandFra.

As a passionate gamer living with left-side hemiparesis, I’ve developed my unique method of gaming, utilizing only my right hand.

To ensure accessibility and enjoyment in gaming, I’ve cultivated a habit of customizing control schemes for each game I play (though regrettably, not all games accommodate this feature).

In my perspective, every video game, regardless of platform, should provide the option to customize key configurations. I firmly believe this not only enriches the gaming experience but also extends its reach to a broader audience.

My suggestions regarding the Button Mapping System in NRFTW:

  • It’s crucial that the ability to remap buttons is available across all platforms where the game is published.

  • Each button should be freely reconfigurable with every other button (though it may seem obvious, it’s not always the case, as seen in examples like Dragon’s Dogma 2).

  • It would be beneficial to have the option to maintain button configurations while navigating menus (personally, I prefer to deactivate button configurations while navigating menus).

  • For executing a “shoulder bash,” pressing two buttons simultaneously is required. It would be worth considering enabling the assignment of two buttons to a single action, a feature already present in the PlayStation Access Controller.

  • Concerning Runes, it would be desirable to have the option to view available runes without continuously holding down the button. Instead, pressing the button once should activate rune viewing until the button is pressed again or a rune is used.


Up for this post:
I’m excited because I’ve recently noticed that a button mapping system has been added to the game. However, I’ve encountered a limitation – it’s currently not possible to utilize it with the controller.

i hope my feedbacks in the mainpost will be useful.

Devs mentioned controller rebinding is coming in the patch 1 notes, FWIW:

Added custom key rebinding options for Keyboard (controller rebinding coming soon!)

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