Accessibility Suggestions - Toggle options for combat

Hello, I have not seen this suggested on the forum. I am a person with a disability. I have use of one hand. I still can use my PlayStation 5 controller. I would like to suggest toggle options for block and the rune use. For instance, when I press block once, I continue to block until I press the button again. Another thing I would love to see is when you go to use the rune ability, have the button to pull up the rune options for the offhand/main hand toggleable. That way I can press that once to open that up, select which rune I want, and then close that menu. Having to hold that button then press again makes it difficult.

The same thing for the use of staffs and bows please. One press to toggle the ability until I press a choice and then it goes back to the normal area. Having to hold one button while I press another is difficult. However, I am sure I am not alone with this being a good QOL improvement.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Let all the gamers game, I’ll vote.

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Anything for you guys everyone deserves to play the game, hope Moon sees this one

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I think accessibility options are not given near as much attention as they should in video games. Playing games now for 37 years and it is far and few in between when I see a game that went far in terms of trying to have accessibility addressed in control aspects of the game for options available. I hope that this one will get more love in this area.

As for the voting option, not sure what that is about. If the devs choose to add accessibility options in the areas of controls of the game (combat especially) that would be awesome. If someone does not want to use that option, then do not use it. Does not make sense to have to vote on something to make more inclusive options for people with disabilities to better be able to play a game.

Ok… Seems like I found it :wink: