Allow equipped Runes to be re-bound on face buttons

To be clear- this is not a general request to allow control re-binding, but specifically about changing the face-buttons to activate the Runes attached to a weapon.

For example- I really like Flame Throw, and it’s RB+X on my Pick. I’ve attached it to my Halberd as well, but because RB+X is already used, It had to be attached to RB+Y. So when I want to use FT, I need to quickly recall which weapon I’m using and which command FT is assigned to on that weapon, rather than knowing that if FT is on a weapon, it’s going to be RB+X.

For the sake of muscle memory, it would be really valuable if we could re-allocate face buttons for the runes that are equipped, according to preference.

For me, this really helps with game-feel. It can be confusing to have to remember different schemes across different weapons.

Thanks so much for all of your work!


I tried to add rune into new staff only to realize that channeled rune is quite uncomfortable for me on ‘B’ (controller). I would like to place it on ‘Y’, but that button was already occupied.

It would be nice if I could move rune placed on ‘Y’ button to other empty slot/button and then place new rune to (now empty) ‘Y’ (and similarly when all rune slots are occupied).